Women and Steroids

There are so many things people take lightly, among them being the use of steroids. There are so many people taking steroids today than ever before and the numbers are alarming. A good number of these are oblivious of the effects of the use of steroids. Most people take steroids to increase their physical abilities by packing their muscles for one reason or the other. It is an addiction that fuels bigorexia; a psychological condition that affects men. Athletes careers have been lost because of steroids too.

While steroids are some of the medications that can be prescribed by your general practitioner, taking them for longer than prescribed can cause serious medical problems. Some people take steroids without prescription and without due care for their current health. A doctor will put in mind your current health status before prescribing this medication. With long term use of steroids, you could suffer irreversible consequences.

Just what exactly constitute steroids? What is it that makes steroids have the effects it has? Steroids have testosterone in them and can be taken orally or by using injections. Men and women athlete have been known to use steroids to improve their performance. With steroids, they are able to achieve the speeds and gain the physical strength they need. Steroids have the capacity to improve the growth of muscles in the body thus improving their performance in athletics. Steroids and other performance enhancing substances have been banned by athletics governing bodies all over the world. The use of these substances attracts stiff penalties and because of this, many have lost their careers.

Like with all other performance enhancers, overuse of steroids has extreme effects on the bodies of people who use them. Testosterone is a male hormone but women naturally have a certain percentage of testosterone in their bodies as well and supplementing this production by taking steroids increases muscle size. Overuse leads to the change of the womans physique. Women who use steroids in excess will experience balding, deepening of the voice and growth of body hair and facial hair. These effects alone are enough to kill the self esteem of many women; but are not as bad as the effects of steroids on the reproductive system. The reproductive system is affected when the menses stop or become irregular thus the women are unable to bear children.

These other effects are not only limited to women. The effects of steroids on the bones are drastic and many such women are more likely to have osteoporosis and arthritis. The use of injection steroids presents another challenge as this could lead to the transmission of diseases from one user to the other. Women who use steroids are more likely to suffer from cancer and liver damage than other women. This is much worse for those who are genetically predisposed to getting cancer since the rates are much higher. Overuse of steroids can lead to problems with the liver, like hepatitis or liver failure which is characterized by jaundice and yellow eyes.