Of all the steroids we have to choose from, there is none more powerful, more valuable or simply more exciting than Trenbolone. When it comes to performance enhancement, this is the ultimate steroid; in-fact, an argument could easily be made for it being the ultimate in all things performance related. Perfect for all cycles, while testosterone is considered the primary versatile steroid, when it comes to Trenbolone, due to its raw anabolic power it is king; Trenbolone is the premier anabolic steroid in-regards to versatile power.

An anabolic steroid that is not used in human medicine, officially Trenbolone is classified as a veterinarian grade steroid. Originally developed to aid in the beefing up of cattle, what's good for a cow was soon found to be good for the athlete, and performance enhancers grabbed on with all their might. So much so, many performance enhancing athletes do not want to implement an anabolic steroid cycle without it.

For the off-season athlete, Trenbolone will provide solid gains in lean tissue, and while it's often thought of as a cutting steroid, its bulking power is tremendous. Further, as a non-aromatizing steroid, any and all weight gained due to this steroid's use will be nothing other than lean muscle tissue. No, it's not going to cause you to gain as much weight as many other steroids, but remember weight in of itself is not a good thing; it only becomes a good thing depending on the type of weight it is, we want muscle tissue, that's it, and that's exactly what Trenbolone will provide.

Of course, along with mass, Trenbolone is also a fantastic strength increasing steroid, and far more so than its often given credit for. Even so, without question most associate this with being a pure cutting steroid, and there's no doubt about it, when it comes to cutting this is the primary steroid of choice. If you were only going to use Trenbolone for one cycle, cutting would be the one to choose, and while a great bulking agent its properties that surround this period of use are simply invaluable and irreplaceable.

While powerful indeed, Trenbolone is not without problems; in-fact, this can be somewhat of a harsh anabolic steroid. Tremendously suppressive to natural testosterone production, exogenous testosterone supplementation should be part of your plan, but that's not all you'll need to worry about. Carrying a progestin nature, gynecomastia can be a concern but it doesn't end there. Despite carrying no dihydrotestosterone (DHT) nature, DHT related effects can occur, but once again the possible problems continue. The side effects of Trenbolone are some of the hardest to predict, and there are four possible effects that can be very harsh that make up this unpredictable nature. While most men will be fine with responsible use, due to poor genetic responses to the hormone some will not be able to supplement even with responsible use; unfair, sure, but that's life.

With all of the above in mind, we want to take a good look at Trenbolone; we want to look at its nature and traits, the benefits and of course, the side effects of Trenbolone and what we can do about them. Of course, we won't end things there, we'll look in detail at the various forms of this hormone, how to build and plan a cycle and we'll even dive in thoroughly in-regards to the primary traits and so much more. In short, if there's ever been anything you wanted to know about Trenbolone, you've come to the right place.