Treatment for Steroids Addiction

Congratulations! By deciding to stop taking anabolic steroids you are doing a wonderful thing for your health. However, be aware that to just stop taking them altogether can be just as harmful to your body as using them in the first place. Thanks to doctor - patient confidentiality, quitting the use of anabolic steroids doesnt have to be something you do alone, even though the performance enhancer is an illegal substance. Your health care provider can help you wean your body off the drug, and get you back on the road to a healthy routine of diet and exercise to maintain the figure you desire. Do not be too apprehensive to ask for help; this is your first stage of recovery.

During the time period that begins when you start eliminating anabolic steroids from your system when on a cycle, to your body producing the hormones again naturally, there will be adjustments in the testosterone and estrogen balance in your body. This conversion can be made more controllable if a doctor provides you with a prescribed medication that has been carefully measured to ensure the correct dosage for you to achieve your goal of quitting anabolic steroids. When discussing your history of usage of both anabolic steroids and ancillary drugs, it is important to be honest with your doctor. They will complete a full medical evaluation, and need to know the quantities and time periods of your habit, plus the side effects you may have experienced, both mental and physical. It is worth taking the time to make a list of all the products you used during your anabolic steroid cycles, as they are produced and distributed under a variety of names from countries all around the world. If possible, take the containers to your doctor for their consideration. Remember, any information you can provide will help your physician help you.

Maintaining a healthy exercise regime when weaning yourself off of anabolic steroids is very important for a number of reasons. It will reduce your risk of depression by keeping endorphin levels up, and help your cardiovascular condition improve, as well as sustaining your health overall. Your doctor will advise you regarding your diet and nutritional needs, and may recommend you take anti-oxidant, vitamin, or other dietary supplements. You should make sure to drink plenty of water. These suggestions are to help you, and it is important to follow your doctors counsel.

After evaluating your condition both physically and mentally, your doctor may recommend you for counseling. This may sound daunting at first, but as with most drugs, there are serious emotional and psychological hurdles that need to be crossed. You will have much more success if you dont go it alone. Counseling from somebody qualified in this field will help you not only quit anabolic steroids, but also stay away from the drug in the future. It is very possible to be addicted to steroids, which will have a similar effect to other drugs that affect the psyche of the user.

Coming off of anabolic steroids wont be the easiest bridge youve ever crossed, but keep at it; you will feel much better physically and emotionally in the end.