Sustanon and omnadren are closely linked, with each one of them having four esters. Making a steroid with four esters with each having different half lives was actually a matter of convenience than improving the quality since not so many people like the idea of pricking themselves all the time. This is a steroid with 4 esters, each with a different half life. This means that there is timed release of these esters after it has made its way into the bloodstream and it therefore does not need to be replenished until the last ester is out of the body, which happens after a month. This mean that the levels of testosterone will have been increased in the bloodstream and will stay like that for a long time until you feel the need to inject another shot of Sustanon in the body. However, those who have used Sustanon know better than that and rarely endorse this kind of one-month shot. Most users of the one-month shot Sustanon use it for aesthetic reasons and not competitive sport. Sustanon was also primarily made to remove the challenge of hygiene when it came to taking the shots. This means that you do not need to prick yourself everyday and this reduces the chances of getting infected when you use a needle wrongly.

Some of the good effects of using Sustanon include fat loss. Combine this with the fact that you will not need to take another shot in a months time and you will be in a good place, meaning that you will have a lot of testosterone in your bloodstream to lose weight for a whole month. Fat loss promotes the increase in the good weight, meaning that you will lose the fat weight and gain the muscle weight after you are finished.

Sustanon also increases the level of aggression in your body, meaning that you will have a lot of stamina and resistance to injury every time you go for training. While your colleagues will suffer from the usual soreness that comes with physical training, you will not have any side effects to worry you. So there are the side effect of insomnia and hostile behavior when aggression is taken to another level. Sustanon has been used in medical circles to treat muscle wasting diseases and to give the patients a new lease of life. The side effects of Sustanon are acne and balding as well as the much feared gynecomastia and Virilization.