Steroids in Sports

The use of anabolic steroids for the body enhancing properties is not actually the first of its kind. Greek wrestlers in history used vast quantities of meat to boost the muscular system, and Nordic warriors utilized the hallucinogenic wealth of magic mushrooms prior to a battle charge. Anabolic-androgenic steroids work by altering the cells in two ways that have two effects beneficial for maximizing performance in the sporting arena. As anabolic steroids are a fat-soluble substance, it is possible for the drug to permeate the protective membrane of the cell in order to directly target the nucleus. The first is the constructive metabolic process that causes an increase in protein synthesis. This leads in an increase in muscular mass, as noticed if you look at a users bicep; the muscle fibers appear bigger than those gained by natural means because of the greater amount of protein production within cells. The second beneficial result to athletes and body builders is the method by which anabolic steroids block cortisol from attacking the cells of the muscle tissue. Cortisol is a stress hormone. By blocking this hormone from reaching the cells, the user is effectively reducing their recovery rate.

There are many ways in which you can spot a steroid user. The more widely recognized signs, combined with the modern day comprehensive testing has reduced the rate of anabolic steroid use in competitive sport for the extra high performance edge it can offer. More commonly today anabolic steroids are found among amateur athletes, those who are most intent on looking good and wanting the bragging rights that they should have to work hard for.

Todays sporting world has become very business-like. A quantity of income for many leading athletes is now coming from deals with a variety of companies to endorse the products or services they offer. Although there has been a great deal of research into both the positive and negative effects of anabolic steroids, the benefit for performance enhancement in sport is rarely utilized for a number of reasons. Moving aside the obvious rationale of harmful side effects, and that anabolic substances are a part of the controlled substances list, if a competitive athlete were to be caught using the drug, they could wave goodbye to their sponsorship deals. Companies sponsor people in sports in order to promote their brand. The disapproval in the press from teen idols being caught cheating would have a very negative effect on the brand image they are attempting to portray through the endorsement agreements.

In sports at any level, many athletes are participating for the love of it. Only the professional athletes are earning the upper tax bracket paychecks. At all levels, there comes a certain amount of prestige for excelling. There are participants who are not the regular winners who enjoy the feeling of succeeding in a goal. Here is where taking steroids for sports enhancement becomes completely counter-intuitive. If you are competing for self fulfillment, then gaining the competitive edge with a performance enhancer is not going to do the trick.