Steroid Injections

Unlike what many people think, a steroid injection is another way of healing a sciatica pain and provides temporary pain relief. There is so much bad publicity about steroids it is hard to imagine what good it can be to a person but it is an excellent pain reliever that can replace oral pain relievers. Pain relief is one of the positive effects associated with steroids, when used properly as has been directed by a qualified physician.

To get the final effect you want from steroids, you have to perform the injection in a certain manner. Steroid injections are some of the many ways of dealing with this kind of pain when pain medications have not worked well on your body. Sciatica pain is caused by a slipped disk in the lumbar region, which causes pain ii the nerves after a day or so.

That matter aside, knowing how to administer a steroid injection is very important as it could be the difference between achieving the goals you have set to achieve and losing track completely. In some cases, administering the steroid injection wrongly can be fatal. Whether or not you want to relive sciatica pain or any other kind of pain, you need to learn how to inject yourself.

Basic knowledge dictates that you use a different syringe for each time you want to inject yourself and never to share them. This is for obvious reasons; to avoid infection of communicable disease like hepatitis and even AIDS. This will mean that you need to have a collection of needles for your use at home for each instance you want to inject yourself. Regardless of the kind of steroids you use (oil or water-based) you can use a syringe o administer.

First, you need to make sure the needle is clean and use an alcohol swab to clean it just to be sure. You want to make sure there is no air sucked into the syringe with the steroid, so this is how you will go about it. Before puncturing the vial and sucking the steroid into the syringe, suck some air into the syringe and administer it to the vial to increase the pressure of the liquid inside the vial. This will ensure that the steroid moves into the syringe with ease.

After this part, what follows is the steroid injection part and this calls for hygiene as well. Swab the area you want to administer the injection. Now, the tricky part is that you cannot inject any part of your body with steroids. You can administer a steroid injection on your shoulder, arms, calves and the gluteus maximus (the upper part). Be gentle and let the steroid injection slip into your body slowly at a 90 degree angle to the muscle. Do not stab yourself with the needle, be gentle. Remove it gently, swab the area, apply pressure and then let the area relax. If you pull blood into the syringe, you may have punctured a blood vessel and you need to stop.