Steroid Definitions

Anabolic androgenic steroids are a testosterone based compound taken legally by prescription for the treatment of particular medical conditions, or illegally (not to mention immorally) by amateur and recreational body builders and athletes to enhance their performance, or by individuals who just want to bulk up to look good, a common trait of high school users. Taking anabolic androgenic steroids when you do not have a prescription from your health care provider is deemed to be a federal criminal offense, although that does not put many users off. There are many different terms used when discussing the various aspects of taking anabolic androgenic steroids. The following guide should help you out understanding the definitions of this terminology.

For a start, what is an anabolic androgenic steroid? It is one of several composites of testosterone produced by a synthetic process in order to increase muscle mass and enhance male characteristics, with a cholesterol like structure. This masculinization is one of the appeals of the drug to younger generation users who are perhaps not developing as fast as they would like. Anabolic means that the chemical promotes anabolism, i.e. the process of metabolism encouraging growth, particularly in muscle tissue. Androgenic refers to the masculinization, or virilization, properties of the steroid, meaning the enhancement of male characteristics, such as thickening of the vocal cords, more bodily hair growth, defined muscular lines, and increased bone density. Of course, alongside this, there is the problem of gynocomastia, or bitch tits, the opposite that parallels the masculinization. Gynocomastia is the production of breast tissue in men, and can only be removed by a surgical procedure.

So what do you need to look freaky? By looking freaky, the body building population is saying that you are of mammoth proportions, but that the huge muscle clearly came from steroids. Back to the gear you need. Gear itself refers to syringes and other paraphernalia, or the actual drug itself. You may find you have purchased a basement drug, meaning a counterfeit product. Pokes, neds, or darts are the syringes used to inject the anabolic steroids. Anabolic androgenic steroids are a bit of a mouthful, right? You can always just call it juice, much quicker, much easier to wrap your tongue around in casual conversation. You may also refer to your anabolic androgenic steroid by its trade name, the name the manufacturer gives to each particular product. If you hear somebody talking about the cycle in relation to steroids, they mean the time period a particular performance enhancer is taken. If you take it for a six week period, then it is a six week cycle.

Other terms you may come across include atrophy, whereby the muscle or organ deteriorates due to a lack of use. Catabolism is the opposite of anabolism. Catabolism is a complex process whereby energy is stored for use various processes by the breaking down of multifaceted compounds. Simply put, muscular tissue is broken down when somebody is in a state of catabolism. Using anabolic androgenic steroids will alter this.