Steroid around Students

Anabolic androgenic steroids are a controlled substance still sold on the black market for improvement in sporting endeavors and, in some cases, for vanity purposes. The drug is mostly taken by amateur athletes either in low level competition, or those who are trying to bulk up as they believe it makes them look good. Among the many memorable mile stones in high school, such as dating, prom, learning to drive your first car, and graduating, there is a darker cloud. High school is one of the first meeting grounds for young users of anabolic steroids.

We all remember the feeling, wanting to the one of the cool kids, the need to look your best at all times, hoping the most popular of your peers will notice you. This leads to working out more, trying to improve the outer image that you portray, youre just learning about sex appeal. This is where anabolic steroid abuse steps in.

In most cases of youth anabolic steroid abuse, the signals are misunderstood. The signs include closing and locking the bedroom door more often, longer time in the shower and bathroom in general, more private phone conversations, and taking naps at odd hours. There are indications that may be put down to teenage rebelling such as stealing, greater financial requirement, a decline in grades, suddenly not caring about old friends in favor of a new circle, and a seeming loss of concentration or forgetting both menial and important tasks; these are also side effects of steroid usage. Are you noticing sudden weight loss, greasy hair, oily skin, break outs or eruptions on the skin, including the back and shoulders, and odd hair growth whilst head hair is falling out more frequently? Again, this points to not only to the bodys response to the physical changes of becoming an adult, but use of steroids.

It is important to question the effects of the media hype surrounding prominent public figures being busted for steroid abuse. How do the kids in schools view these promenades of idol shame? One of the intentions is to drive students away from the idea of anabolic steroids as a choice for performance enhancement and way to improve their attractiveness. But is it really working? It is common knowledge that teens want to rebel from authority, and they see that clearly this is something wrong. Is this, then, what draws them to the drug?

We also need to ask how steroids are getting into schools. An NBC Action team demonstrated just how easily the drug is available to the whole student body. Thanks to the internet, steroids are widely available through an anonymous method. Not only is this an easy process of obtaining the drug, but there is an overabundance of information on how to safely and effectively take steroids.

There are many groups and committees trying to reduce the usage of steroids in schools. The figures arent as high as those relating to alcohol) at more than half of students admitting to becoming intoxicated), hallucinogens, or cocaine, but more than a third of athletic students admitted to at least knowing somebody who had taken anabolic steroids without prescription.