Steroid Abuse

There has been negative publicity about steroids in the press and many people are avoiding them at all costs. This is understandable because of the probable effects that steroids have. However steroids have advantages and this is the main reason they are in the market. They can be used for the treatment of eczema and other skin diseases. Normally, medication steroids depend on the sickness and how bad it is since there are several strengths of steroids. Medication steroids need to be used well and there are considerations when steroids are used on children. Only when steroids are used without prescription from a qualified physician are they dangerous.

The abuse of steroids is the use of steroids without prescription and for a longer time than the prescription time. Abuse of steroids is seen among adolescents and young adults most of the time. There has been an increase in steroids abuse among professional athletes who want to win medals and break records. There has been an increase in abuse of steroids among people of all ages in recent years and this rate is alarming. Despite the education and the illegalization of the acquisition of steroids in some jurisdictions and conditions, people still use them. Of major concern is the use of steroids among athletes and leading making many of them losing their careers as a result.

Misuse of steroids comes in two ways, among those with prescription and among those without prescription. While a person may have a prescription to deal with a certain disease, he may be unable to use the steroids as instructed or for longer than needed and this may lead to an addiction. As for those without prescriptions, the use of steroids is an addiction; which mainly starts with a quest to increase muscle mass. Many reasons fuel this desire and it mainly has to do with self esteem issues.

The effects of the improper uses of steroids are many, the first one being the change in the physical characteristics of the user. This is the first noticeable effect of using steroids for a long time. Men are affected differently from women, with men developing womens physical characteristics like breasts. There are adverse effects on adolescents since they are growing. Adolescents will witness change in their skin, with acne levels increasing. Most adolescents who are developing secondary sexual characteristics may not witness them or may have excessive growth dues to steroids. Adult men will have shrunken testicles which will compromise reproduction. Women may start to grow beards and hair on the rest of the body and they may have a compromised reproduction system as well.

With these affects beckoning, many people give up the use of steroids but the addiction levels in some people calls for rehabilitation. If this is not done in time, it may cause long term effects like cancer and liver problems aside from low self esteem. People using steroids have multiple chances of getting all types of cancers compared to a person who does not use steroids.