Roid Rage

Roid Rage is one of the most common topics among those who fall in the anti-anabolic steroid camp and rarely spoken of by anabolic steroid users; why? Because as most anabolic steroid users will tell you, roid rage is really not a problem most anabolic steroid users ever have to confront. In-fact, most anabolic steroid users will never experience anything closely resembling roid rage and the few that do 99.9% of the time these individuals had a problem to begin with, long before the first drop of testosterone pierced their skin.

Did you ever see the after school special featuring Ben Affleck on the topic of roid rage? If you haven't it's highly recommended; not because of its accuracy but for one simple reason, it's one of the most hysterically ridiculous things you will ever see! Unfortunately this is the manner in-which most of society views anabolic steroid users. We won't spoil the clip for you but in short, Affleck is using anabolic steroids, experiences roid rage that is beyond anything any human who has a functioning brain could ever experience and then basically crashes into a realm of paralyzing depression; all due to roid rage. If you've ever used anabolic steroids, at first glance this clip may irritate you because many in society see you just as they see Affleck in this video but it's really not their fault. After all, if anyone is to blame its bad journalism and bad journalism is the largest reason anabolic steroids suffer the demonizing label they do today and this includes the topic of roid rage.

The problem is very simple; yes, anabolic steroids increase aggression, if an individual who already has aggression problems, meaning they are already a giant ass bag, if you give them anabolic steroids why would you expect anything other than roid rage? In this case absolutely, roid rage exists but what about healthy adults, individuals who aren't bat-shit crazy? For healthy individuals, those with a healthy mental state, if they use anabolic steroids their aggression will increase but is this bad? If our aggression is increased we can train and perform at a higher rate, is this bad? It is only "bad" if we decide to make it bad. Look at it this way, you've increased aggression, what you do with this aggression is on you and your responsibility; anabolic steroid use won't flip a switch in your brain making you into a raging lunatic, you're a roid rage machine only if you want to be.

This is probably the best way to think about it. If you give a loaded gun to an individual who is insane and he shoots and kills someone are you going to be surprised? Of course not but if you give a gun to a sane mentally stable individual are you concerned; of course not. Roid rage can be viewed the same way; giving anabolic steroids to asinine lunatics is irresponsible but keeping them away from law abiding mentally stable people is also irresponsible.

In short, yes, roid rage exists but it's not a major problem; over three million Americans use anabolic steroids every year, if this problem truly existed at the level you'd expect don't you think you'd notice three million raging killing machines roaming the streets? Like all things in life and including anabolic steroids, you and you alone are responsible for your actions.