Real Steroids

You want to supplement with anabolic steroids in-order to reach your performance goals; adding mass and strength, becoming ripped and shredded to the bone or maybe enhancing overall athletic performance could all be reasons for such a desire. Regardless of your desire, you dont want just any anabolic steroid, you want real steroids, and believe it or not, real steroids can be hard to find. With thousands of people offering anabolic steroids around the world, the vast majority are offering a subpar product, or what is often referred to in performance circles as a Bunk product. There are so many scammers out there, filthy suppliers who will provide just that; a filthy product and they represent the majority of anabolic steroid suppliers. Even so, there is hope; you can buy real steroids, real high quality steroids, and you can do so each and every time if you put in the effort. With this in mind, were going to explain to you the common problems and how you can avoid them and ensure your purchase is the right purchase each and every time.

Common Problems:

If you find a source, just any ole source and make a purchase there are several problems that can occur, and since real steroids are what youre after they simply wont do. The overall problem stems from this market largely existing on the black market, and as such there is no standard regulation; anyone who wants to sell can sell. While this may seem like a horrible thing, its not that cut and dry; this is a market that does have a system of self-regulation and you can get all the high quality real steroids you want; dont worry, well explain as we go along. In any case, there are six common problems when making a steroid purchase from just any source, and if you want real steroids and we assume you do they are problems you need to be aware of.

Direct Scamming: Direct scamming is fairly straight forward; you make an order and you pay for this order, but you never receive anything in return. It happens all the time, more often than you might think, and there are individuals who prey on new guys to the game like this. They dont actually have any steroids to sell, but theyll tell you they do and like a moth to the flame you fly in and fry.

Selective Scamming: Selective scammers are a bit different than the direct scammers discussed above; the primary difference being they actually have steroids to sell, and in some cases, some really good ones. What normally happens is the individual takes more orders than he can fill, and in-order not to lose his long standing customers he ends up stiffing the new ones. If worse comes to worse, even if youre a long standing customer, if you typically place small orders you wont be viewed as a priority; after all, the guy spending a few grand is always going to be considered more valuable than a guy spending a couple hundred dollars. Now the good suppliers, if for any reason they get behind or run short on a certain product they will inform you of the situation; you may have to wait a little while to receive your product but you will receive it. These are the suppliers who stay in business, they recognize every customer holds value no matter how little they spend, and many of them remain in business for decades.

Under-Dosed: Under-Dosing is probably the most common problem when making a purchase, and while these will be real steroids they simply wont be at the strength their purported to or supposed to be. Every now and then it could be some type of manufacturing glitch, but almost every time its a low grade supplier cutting corners. Theyll purchase their supply of raw powders they use to make their product, and theyll use an amount that is supposed to make a specific amount but make two to three maybe even four times as much with that same amount; obviously, this kills the potency. Youll buy an injectable steroid thats supposed to be dosed at 200mg/ml but itll only contain 100mg/ml of actual steroid; maybe even less.

Contaminated: Contamination can be the most serious problem of all; you bet, these are real steroids and they may even be dosed properly, but they are manufactured in an unsterile environment. As the manufacturing facility isnt pristinely clean, bacteria is left in the compound, you inject it and get an infection. In many cases, this will just yield an uncomfortable injection; even so, injecting anabolic steroids really shouldnt hurt or be uncomfortable; there are exceptions with a couple of compounds, but most should not hurt. You may find the area irritated for a few days, maybe a little swollen and red but it will normally pass fairly fast. While this is one problem, the big problem is obviously a severe infection, and these infections can lead to an abscess, you becoming sick, sometimes very sick and a host of complications.

Mislabeling: Mislabeling is another common problem, right up there with under-dosing, and sometimes the two can be conjoined together. Mislabeling is quite simple; real steroids are made, a full list of items is offered, but since the raw ingredients for single ester testosterones and Dianabol are so cheap all of the products are actually some form of testosterone and Dianabol. The supplier will have a full list of injectable steroids, but many of them are simply testosterone, and his list of oral steroids, many of them will be a low dosed Dianabol tab; this practice happens with steroids like Anavar and Winstrol all the time.

Counterfeiting: Then were left with counterfeiting, and theres nothing more straightforward than this. Counterfeit products are the direct opposite of real steroids; you make an order, you pay for the order and receive your products; they look like steroids but theres no actual steroidal hormone inside; pretty cut and dry. This can occur with any steroid, but there are a few that it happens with more often than any others and they include Anavar, Halotestin, Parabolan and Primobolan.

Avoid the Problems:

Recall what we said above; there is no standard regulation in the normal sense, but the steroid market does possess a system of self-regulation; in many ways, its a shining example of free enterprise. A supplier hits the market, and if he is one that displays problems like the ones above he will go out of business; the bad ones fall and the good ones rise to the top. Sure, a supplier could come back under another name and be a piece of crap again, but there is a system of protection. The steroid community is one of the closest and tight knit groups youll ever find, and they look after each other protecting the good suppliers and running the poor ones away. Steroid message boards are a fantastic place to find such information shared, and such boards are a perfect place to start if youre in the hunt for real steroids. Of course, you can forgo this if you like; you can roll the dice and take your chances, but when it comes to something youre putting in your body this roll of the dice is not something wed recommend.