Purchase Steroids

There are a few different ways you can purchase steroids, but by far the most common will be online. For years, most people would purchase steroids from local gym suppliers, but such suppliers are a dying breed; they simply cant compete with the online sources. Of course, there are a few who still thrive, but they are few and far between. Beyond these two methods, if you live in the U.S. the only other way you can purchase steroids is at the pharmacy with a legitimate prescription in hand; such a prescription will not be provided for performance enhancing needs. Of course, if you dont live in the U.S. this can open up a world of possibilities as in many cases, a prescription or not you can walk right into your corner RX and receive whatever you want; it wont be any different than buying Aspirin or Tylenol. At any rate, the vast majority of those who make a purchase and live in the U.S. will be doing so through one of the other options mentioned; lets take a look at what you need to know.

Purchase Steroids from Major Suppliers:

All of the major anabolic androgenic steroids suppliers now exist online; some have websites, even some of those of a high quality nature, but the majority of the top suppliers will exist through encrypted email. Such suppliers will normally have a list that can only be obtained through references, and this means youre going to have to do some digging if you want to get your hands on this list and for such an individual to do business with you. Of course, this will take some patience, but with patience it can be done, and in doing so you will be able to purchase steroids not only of a high quality nature but at an affordable rate. These types of suppliers have a massive customer base and a massive supply of the anabolic hormones you need, and as is the case, this allows them to sell their products at a much more affordable rate. Of course, while the price wont be high, with more than six-million in the U.S. alone supplementing for the sole purpose of performance you better believe these suppliers are making money hand over fist.

While the pricing factor is definitely an advantage when you purchase steroids online from such a vendor, another advantage will be the options. Such suppliers will normally carry just about every anabolic steroid you could desire; if not, it will be close and most all will carry the primary hormones. Then theres the big advantage, and while it can be an advantage for you it most certainly is for them. When you purchase steroids in this manner, there is no face-to-face transaction; they dont know who you are and you dont know who they are. Of course, your package will still have to pass through customs or U.S. postal inspectors, and that is a risk, but the anonymity this provides the supplier is invaluable.

The Gym Source:

While they no longer exist as they once did, you can still purchase steroids directly from a source at your local gym; most major gyms have at least one. The advantages of such a purchase are rather straightforward; you can receive your product in a few minutes, theres no worry about customs or postal inspectors, and if there is a problem you know who sold you the product. Of course, there are some strong disadvantages to this type of purchase, and such disadvantages are exactly why this guy is beginning to fade into memory. When you purchase steroids from a gym source, you will normally pay significantly more; sure, if its some obscure underground label you might get a good deal, but for true blue high quality steroids youre going to pay for them. In most cases, gym suppliers are merely buying their steroids from the larger suppliers discussed above; of course, this means they must increase the price in-order to make a profit, but they will also increase it because they are taking away the controlled delivery risk that would be on you otherwise and placing it on themselves.

Beyond the above, another disadvantage is the selection; you will be limited to what this individual has on hand, and if you dont like it thats just too bad. Then we have the primary disadvantage and that is a face-to-face transaction. If this individual is being watched by law enforcement, and it happens all the time, they not only see him but they see you. Sure, if worse comes to worse hell be in more trouble since hes actually selling the product, but youre world will also be turned upside down as such a purchase is in violation of U.S. federal law. In any case, as you can see if you purchase steroids in this manner there is a risk, but regardless of how you purchase steroids theres always a risk. In either case, youll have to decide if either risk is outweighed by the reward as this is a decision we cannot make for you.