Omnadren is a close relative of the Sustanon steroid and it has been referred to as the best of the testosterone steroids available in the current market. It has four esters attached to it, just like Sustanon but the latter has the decanoate ester while Omnadren has caproate ester. Omnadren is the preferred of the two since it is cheaper and many people generally prefer to spend less when it comes to steroids. For anyone looking to save some money for himself, look for Omnadren as opposed to Sustanon since there is not much of a difference in the effects of these two steroids.

It is recommended that you take Omnadren everyday although many people using Omnadren seem to have other positions regarding when and how often you need to inject this steroid. This is because Omnadren has two short esters, which have a downside of taking a short time to show positive effects but have and upside of leaving the body fast meaning they cannot be detected in a drugs test. Another downside is that the side effects also show up too fast. Then there is a long ester, which takes a longer time to show its effects but will stay longer in the body after the short esters have ceased being functional. Professionals recommend that you inject Omnadren everyday to maintain the energy buildup for longer.

When choosing a testosterone steroid, you will not escape the side effects that come with aromatization and this is more or less a reality. The difference between testosterone steroids is that aromatization levels differ in every kind of steroid and this is the rate that will determine the combinations you choose too. The rate of aromatization in Omnadren is less than that in Sustanon; therefore it is the better of the two. The rate of aromatization will determine the amount of estrogen you will have in your system after aromatization has taken place. While Omnadren has less aromatization compared to Sustanon, it does not mean that it will not be there. The side effects of having a lot of estrogen include water retention, which means you will have a hard time exercising and adding bulk to your muscles. You may get more tired faster because of the water and add unnecessary weight, which may change your classification due to the extra weight. Then there are the side effects of having a lot of estrogen, which includes Virilization and gynecomastia, which are very negative side effects.

Omnadren ; it is a popular testosterone compound that first appeared in Poland thanks to Jelfa Pharmaceuticals, and for all intense purposes is virtually identical to Sustanon-250; the original 4 ester based testosterone manufactured by Organon. There is one slight distinction between the two compounds, and this lies within the larger ester attached, but in-regards to the total mode of action they are identical. At any rate, when Omnadren hit the market it rapidly caught the attention of Eastern Europe and quickly became a favorite, but it wouldnt take too long before every underground lab on earth was manufacturing their own version. One reason it became so popular was pricing; Omnadren is almost always cheaper than Sustanon-250, and as the same results can be obtained with either form most anyone with a brain will go with the better deal. However, while tremendously popular at one time, Omnadren has lost some of its appeal in recent years as it is one of the most commonly counterfeited testosterone compounds of all time; often its merely a single ester testosterone compound, sometimes its not testosterone at all, but in either case its not Omnadren. With this in mind, lets take a look at this popular four part compound, and then you can decide if Omnadren is right for you.


In-order to understand Omnadren, we only need to understand testosterone and the precise testosterone mixture that is this compound. Omnadren is merely testosterone, the same testosterone that makes up popular single ester testosterone compounds such as Testosterone-Cypionate, Testosterone-Propionate or any other version. In this case, we simply have four esters attached instead of the traditional one; a mixture of small to large, and through this grouping it provides a steady time released atmosphere.

In any case, if you purchase Omnadren it should be comprised of the Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate and Caproate esters, and each one should be included in the compound in a very specific amount. If you have a compound that has three of these esters and then the fourth is different from what weve listed, it is not Omnadren; if you have a compound that has all four esters attached we have listed but they are not dosed in the proper amount, this is not Omnadren. The precise mixture is what defines this compound, and every 250mg, as this compound is dosed at 250mg/ml should be exactly as follows each and every time:

30mg Testosterone-Propionate (smallest ester in the compound)

60mg Testosterone-Phenylpropionate (small ester)

60mg Testosterone-Isocaproate (medium to large sized ester)

100mg Testosterone-Caproate (large ester)

When to Supplement

The best time to supplement with Omnadren is when you supplement with anabolic steroids at any time; just as you would with single ester forms the same can be said here. Bulking, cutting or enhancing overall athletic performance, in any case it is a perfect choice, but this leaves us with an important question; why should you choose Omnadren over a single ester testosterone form? In all honesty, theres no reason to on paper; you can obtain the same results from any form; your best bet is to simply try Omnadren, try a few single ester forms and simply find what works best for you; what youre the most comfortable with. In any case, like all testosterone forms you will find Omnadren to be truly versatile, it will carry nearly every trait a performance enhancing athlete could ever desire, and on this basis it is a fine product.