This is a steroid that has been modified to ensure that it passes the digestion level and so that it is not eliminated by the liver when it has been taken orally. Most of the 17-alpha-methyl-altered steroids have been modified to ensure that the liver does not interpret their presence as threats to the body and eliminate them before being useful to the rest of the body. They are normally very toxic to the liver. To ensure that you do not have the toxicity levels that are dangerous, it is recommended that you regulate the dosages of methyltestosterone every time you are taking it.

This is a testosterone steroid, with some of the side effects being the same as the testosterone steroids in the market. This means that you will develop gynecomastia after long term use and Virilization if you are a woman. For those whose blood relatives have has liver problems, you may end up with them after long term usage of methyltestosterone. Incase you have a history of liver problems; this may be the same predicament for you if you do not follow the instructions well. This is one of the many testosterone steroids that have an extremely high rate of aromatization, meaning that its rate of aromatization and Virilization are high as well. At this rate, this is not the kind of steroids to be used by a woman under any circumstances since the effects of Virilization will not be subtle at all.

While every user will develop side effects of using steroids no one wants to be in the extreme but even short term usage of methyltestosterone on large doses will take you to an extreme you do not want to handle. The side effects of acne and oily skin will be to the extreme as well and this should be taken care of with caution. Methyltestosterone increases the aggression of its users, which is one of many reasons people use them in the first place. You will have a lot more stamina in physical exercises and you will increase a lot in strength as a result. You will heal faster when you have been injured and you will have larger muscles since you will have put a lot more time in exercising. Although it may have a negative impact on the natural production of testosterone by the testes and the ovaries, it does make sure you have lost fat and gained more useful weight every time you use them. Remember to accompany any changes to your routine with the change in the diet to get maximum positive effects.