Legal Steroids

The stadium is full, the crowds are cheering, it's a great game. Commentators are using words like "untouchable" and "machine" to describe the star player. The guy is like the hulk, and might as well be devouring some of the opposing team's players down there.

Cut to some time later, and the headlines hit. "So'n'So Bigshot caught using anabolic steroids". That sucks for Mr Bigshot, but he had it coming. But could this be a lesson for your athletic son who's been working out a lot more lately? Little Jimmy idolized Mr Bigshot. Will the media hype surrounding the steroid bust make him aware that abuse of the illegal performance enhancer is wrong? Or will it make it more enticing? This is a worrying concern. Here is your opportunity to explain that use of anabolic steroids is not only illegal, but morally wrong.

More and more in the sports world we hear of competitors who are determined to "win at any cost". This is not only true in the professional sports arenas where thousands, even millions, of dollars are at stake; it has crept into the lives of amateur athletes, either low level competitors or those who work out for personal reasons such as trying to look good. The joy of winning should come from, at least in part, the thrill of knowing you performed at your best, and excelled among your peers. If you gain the competitive advantage by using a performance enhancer such as anabolic steroids, does this surely not take away part of the personal victory. Could you honestly look in the mirror and say "I did it!"?

Cheating, which is basically what you're doing by taking the controlled substance anabolic steroids, is not only a let down to yourself, and those who support you. It is unfair on your fellow participants. These are people who, just like you, carefully train, pay attention to their nutritional requirements, and mentally prepare themselves to compete against you. The difference is, they don't add a little something extra to their regime to give them an edge.

Taking anabolic steroids is against the law. Even if it wasn't against the law, it is controlled by virtually all sporting authorities. And even moving that aside, it is morally wrong. There's breaking the law, and the consequences that go along with it. Then there's breaking the rules, and the shame to join you.

Worryingly, although most of the media hype profiles professional athletes as the primary steroid culprits, the vast majority of users are the guys (sometimes gals..) in the local gym who are taking it for vanity reasons. Sure guys, that red glow to your skin and acne of your back and weird body hair - that's what we find attractive. Honest Kids in schools are also fighting the steroid battle for similar reasons, wanting to look good, or maybe trying out for a college scholarship. Surely some of their classes cover ethics at some stage? Well, it is unethical to take steroids, because this abuse is cheating. Cheating is unethical, whether it is in competition or to yourself and your image.