Lasix is a diuretic, meaning it is a drug that is designed to make you urinate more. Lasix removes water from the body since it is a diuretic. It is referred to as a loop diuretic, one of the strongest of its kind in the world. It is used to regulate the amount of water in the muscles, although it has the disadvantage of removing a lot of potassium from the body, which can be very dangerous. One of the many positive effects of having potassium in the body is the regulation of bodily functions and if it goes to levels that are too low it could be dangerous. Removing from the body a lot of water can also be dangerous, and this needs to be regulated as well. Some of the cautions you must exercise when using Lasix is the external supplementation of potassium so that the body supply does not go below the optimum required levels when using Lasix. The benefits of using Lasix stems from the need to gain as much lean muscle as possible and reducing the amount of water that is retained in the muscle. Most testosterone steroids have side effects of water retention. This will add to the weight of the user, and many bodybuilders will have issues with this fact, given the fact that they will have to move to another class depending on their weight. Since no one wants to be taken to a classification that has more weight than the class they are currently in, they opt for Lasix. It helps remove the water from the muscles and reduce the water weight to ensure that you remain in the same class and you are not taken to the next class because of weight. You will have more lean muscles and more strength nonetheless.

Lasix is available as an injectable or as an oral tablet, whatever you decide on is your choosing but incase you are being weighed tomorrow and you need to fit in your class, you will have to use the injectable one as it gets into the bloodstream faster and works faster. It also has the advantage of leaving the body as soon as possible meaning that the effects of water loss also come in just as fast. The side effects of Lasix include the loss of water from the body, which can lead to dizziness and nausea as well as fainting spells.

Furosemide, better known by the popular trade name Lasix is a diuretic commonly used to treat conditions surrounding the heart and liver when water retention becomes a problem. Tremendously powerful, Lasix is also somewhat common in physique based competitions; however, while it will work remarkably well it can be quite harsh. For the physique minded, if youre going to step on stage Lasix can definitely provide the dry look that is often desired, but there are several things you need to know before you consider such use. With this in mind, lets take a look at the good and the bad and then you can decide if this diuretic is for you, but first, lets explain exactly what Lasix is.

Primary Functions & Traits

Lasix is a diuretic that is specifically classified as a loop diuretic, and is one of the most commonly used tools in the treatment of congestive heart failure as edema is often a problem associated with such a condition. By design, this diuretic will remove fluid from the body, in the case of congestive heart failure it will remove the fluid around the heart that is causing the problem, but it will not stop there; all fluid is subject to its power. This is why physique minded individuals can often find a use for Lasix; lets explain.

In the human body, sodium and water are filtered by the kidneys; they are filtered from the blood to the kidneys, and from there pass through as urine. By this process, some of the sodium and fluid is filtered back to the body, but what cannot be reused is deemed waste and thats what passes through. This is the natural process, but when Lasix is used this natural process changes dramatically. Instead of some of the sodium and water being reabsorbed by the body, all of it is now forced out as urine, and by this process it wont take long before the majority of the fluid has passed through.

The Good & the Bad

When it comes to Lasix, the good is easy to see; you are holding water, water you do not wish to hold for whatever reason, and through administration of this diuretic such water is expelled; pretty basic. As mentioned, for the physique competitor this will result in a dryer look on stage, a key component to competition; some athletes may even use it to quickly drop weight if they need to meet a certain requirement. While tremendously effective, in that there is no doubt, Lasix comes with a strong word of caution, and in most cases, is not something we can recommend outside of medical use.

When you use Lasix, while water is expelled so is sodium as discussed above, but thats not all; this diuretic will also deplete your potassium levels. With use, you will now risk severe dehydration as your total electrolyte levels are anything but balanced, and severe cramping can occur. When we say severe cramping, we truly mean severe; imagine the worse cramp youve ever had and now magnify it beyond belief, and whats more, imagine it in numerous muscle groups. For this reason, as there are diuretics that are potassium sparing, it really doesnt make any sense for an athlete to use Lasix; not when there are diuretics such as Dyazide available.