Insulin ; it is a hormone we naturally produce, and it is a hormone often administered by those who are diabetic, but its also a powerful hormone used by some performance enhancers. A tremendously powerful peptide hormone, insulin is one of the most anabolic substances we can ever apply; in-fact, when it comes to promoting growth theres really nothing else like it. Found most frequently in competitive bodybuilding circles, insulin can provide some tremendous advantages in-regards to packing on size; it is a hormone were also extremely familiar with as we naturally produce; however, its not all rainbows and sunshine. Insulin supplementation can easily make you fat, and far worse, it can be extraordinarily dangerous; so dangerous it can kill you. In most cases, performance supplementation of insulin is not advised; most will have no problem building quality mass without it. The only time it can be considered is for a hardcore competitive bodybuilder, one who truly needs size that is beyond human, but even then, while it can be considered its normally not recommended. With this in mind, lets take a look at this tremendously potent and powerful peptide, the good, the bad and the fat, and then you can decide if insulin supplementation is for you.

Primary Actions & Traits

A chain of 51 precise amino acids produced by the pancreas and largely regulated by carbohydrate consumption, once released insulin forces glucose into the muscles. Protein can also cause a slight insulin release, but it remains carbohydrates are primary, and once such glucose is forced into the muscle it is then stored as glycogen for future use. At any rate, the larger the carbohydrate consumption the greater the insulin release will be, and as we will later see, the two are dependent on one another in a total circular fashion.

By the manner of increasing glycogen storage efficiency, along with promoting an enhanced rate of protein absorption, this is largely what provides the anabolic nature of this hormone, and as stated early on, it truly is tremendous. Of course, as we mentioned there is a downside, and the downside revolves around the release of insulin itself. When your body releases insulin or if you provide it in exogenous form your body will not burn fat; it will strictly rely on glycogen for all its energy needs. As this is tapped into, once your glycogen stores are low you will begin to burn fat again; however, if your insulin levels are spiked for extended periods of time, if youre releasing or administering too much youre going to gain body-fat, and no one wants that.

Considering Supplementation

The reason we might consider insulin supplementation is quite simple; such supplementation enhances the value of our proteins and carbohydrates, in-turn enhancing total anabolic activity; in short, we grow. Further, through this hormones presences, our bodys own natural IGF-1 production will be enhanced; as you may or may not know IGF-1 is insanely anabolic, a peptide hormone itself that affects nearly every cell in the body. In the end, this all means one thing, muscle tissue growth, but it also means assured fat accumulation, and if proper steps are not taking this accumulation can quickly get out of control.

Due to the effects of this peptide, if you are going to supplement with insulin for the purpose of performance enhancement you must not do so without the use of anabolic steroids; in-fact, you probably shouldnt do so without the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Both anabolic steroids and HGH have remarkable metabolic enhancing properties, and if youre going to keep the fat gain under control youre going to need them in your corner; without them, you will gain an enormous amount of body-fat guaranteed. Of course, while controlling the fat gain is extremely helpful, including anabolic steroids and HGH will also only enhance your total progress; on that basis its a total win; however, we must now discuss the most serious issue of all.

As you understand, when you consume carbohydrates this causes your body to release insulin; however, when you supplement with exogenous insulin the hormone is now in your body regardless of the food you did or did not consume. For this reason, and we cannot stress it enough, when you supplement with exogenous insulin you must do so with carbohydrates; you must eat carbohydrates. For every 5 to 10ius of insulin you administer, you should plan on consuming at a minimum of 100g of carbohydrates; many will need as much as 150g or more. Consuming some EFAs and protein isnt a bad idea either, but the carbohydrates are essential. If you fail to consume enough carbs, you run a strong risk of slipping into a diabetic coma, and in many cases, ultimately meeting an early death. For this reason, if you supplement with insulin you need to stay awake, and if you start becoming groggy and tired this means you havent consumed enough carbs; if this occurs, immediately start pouring them down your throat. When you administer the hormone, a mixture of slow and fast acting carbs can be fine with a stronger emphasis on the faster acting, but if you start to become sleepy youll need fast acting only; grape juice, apple juice, soda, candy; anything you can get your hands on of this nature.

Insulin has been used for the regulation of glucose in the body and one wonders what role it plays in bodybuilding. It seems to have found a niche in bodybuilding and is not a hormone used by diabetics alone. Insulin has been used in all forms of competitive sports as it is a natural anabolic steroid that can regulate the amount of glucose in the body of the user. It is amazing how many people are using insulin to bulk faster and achieve their bodybuilding goals when using insulin. In the last few decades, the number of people using insulin for bodybuilding has increased, leading to many more being attracted to the use of insulin for bodybuilding.

Insulin does not compare to other steroids, as it regulates sugar and aids in protein synthesis, qualities which other steroids do not possess. When you have insulin in your body, you will have increased the level of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the main process needed for the functioning of the body and the improvement of the quality of the muscles. The muscles of the body are made of protein and you will need protein to increase them in size and bulkiness. This means that you will need to increase your dietary proteins at the same time so as to increase the level of your protein synthesis. By increasing the amount of dietary proteins, you will also increase the levels of other nutrients so that you have the energy to exercise and improve the mass of the lean muscles all over the body.

The use of insulin has to be regulated, since you still need the sugar in the body for regular body function. If you do not have enough sugar in your body, you will feel weak, and this is not good for your body. Always make sure you have enough of insulin in the body not too little or too much. If you inject too much insulin in your body, you will over-regulate the sugar in your body. This means that you will not have anything for your body to use for its daily functions. Having too little sugar means that you will feel the side effects of having too little sugar, e.g. fainting spells and nausea and dizziness. This may make the user go into hypoglycemic shock which in extremes may lead to a coma. Treat this by taking sugar, in the form of sweets of any kind. This will ensure that you have an instant supply of sugar in the body to ward off the effects of hypoglycemic shock.