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Cooking Healthy/Cocinando Saludable

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The Cooking Healthy/Cocinando Saludable curriculum modules shown here are available in their entirety for download in English and in Spanish. Please note that assembly is recommended using a 1 inch, 3 ring view binder, and 8-tab dividers*.  Please see the table below for recommended printing order and location of dividers upon assembly.

The following products were used to assemble the original Cooking Healthy/Cocinando Saludable modules.  
These products are not endorsed by SDNN, but are being provided for your convenience for assembly.

Wilson Jones® Standard Round Ring View Binder, 1" Ring, White
Semi-clear sheet protectors (any brand) for handouts and tip sheets: 10 per binder

Each module consists of the following content.  Click on the links provided in order to download the module(s) and print at your leisure.  Each download in the table below is in order of appearance in each module, both English and Spanish.  Items 1 - 17 make up the content of each module/binder.  Please print/use items 7, 9 and 10 for the Spanish modules, as these documents were only created in English.  Also note that the items with an asterisk (*) should have a divider placed in front of the specified page(s) if you are following the 8-tab recommendation for module assembly.  Lastly, it is recommended that you place the handouts and tip sheets in sheet protectors; place them back to back in the order they are printed.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download each file.
Module/Binder Cover (Print on 11x17 paper, cut to 9.5x11) English Spanish
Module/Binder Spines (Print on 11x17 paper, cut to fit) English Spanish
1.  Title Page English Spanish
2.  Table of Contents English Spanish
3.  Introduction* English Spanish
4.  Preparation, Flier, and Checklists* English Spanish
5.  How to Prepare Fruits* English Spanish
6.  How to Prepare Vegetables* English Spanish
7.  Please Note... (location of handouts)* English -----
8.  Cooking Measures English Spanish
9.  Certificate of Completion English -----
10. Please Note... (location of tip sheets)* English -----
English Spanish
12. List of Vegetable Recipes and Recipes> English Spanish
13. Session Evaluation* English Spanish
14. Fruit and Vegetable Survey English Spanish
15. Resources* English Spanish
16. Handouts (10 handouts in 1 PDF) English <Spanish
17. Tip Sheets (10 tip sheets in 1 PDF) English Spanish<

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