How to get steroids?

Anabolic steroids are a controlled substance available on the black market, used primarily by amateur athletes as a shortcut to increasing muscle mass. Thanks to the internet, steroids are widely available in a way that allows users to remain anonymous.

The traditional source for users to obtain steroids was through their local gym. Many gym-goers show up for their work outs at similar times on particular days as they have to fit attendance around their personal schedules such as working hours and family commitments. This leads to socialization among groups of people who work out together. Cue Mr Muscle. This nice guy with a somewhat reddish glow to his skin has been known to have occasional aggressive outbreaks, has limited fat mass, and a lot of muscle mass. Really, check out the biceps on this guy. The large muscle fibers are a sign of the juice hes taking to assist his workout regimen. He approaches you in the locker room after a work out one day when hed been spotting you at the bench press. Mr Muscle is impressive himself at the bench press. He asks you if youve ever considered adding roids to your practice? Because if you have, he could help you out. Here is your first source of obtaining steroids. The friendly atmosphere of people encouraging each other and helping each other out leads to a sense of trust in this unique one location relationship. The most likely case is that Mr Muscle has found a source on the internet, and discovered that, as with many products, it is cheaper to buy anabolic steroids in bulk. Then comes the realization that the mark up he could include by playing middle man and pushing the excess on other gym members could pay for his investment.

Just as well our kids are safe at school. Think again. Schools are becoming a veritable breeding ground for drug trafficking, and anabolic steroids are no exception. It is here that the whole student body is being exposed to the availability of the illegal performance enhancer rather than limiting to the athletic students. The difference in schools being the desire to improve attractiveness. Everybody wants to be noticed, to be one of the cool kids, to be desired. The worry in schools is that a number of both male and female students admitted to trying steroids at least once as early as eleven years old. When an NBC Action News team went undercover into high schools, one of them was quoted as saying Getting steroids in college and [high] school is like going to Wal-Mart. You can basically get them anywhere. Again, most often the initial source of obtaining the drug is the internet. A general search will bring up sites offering steroid alternatives, or products claiming to be the real deal that is in fact alternative supplements with highly exaggerated declarations and steroid names. However, it is also possible to find a number of chat sites where, after earning trust on one of the many steroid forums, and getting to know the right members, the connections for genuine anabolic steroids become available.