Finasteride ; it is a 5alpha-reductase (5-AR) inhibitor commonly sold under the brand names Propecia and Proscar. By design, Finasteride protects against the effects caused by the type 2 5-AR enzyme, which is responsible for the conversion of Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT); through such protection, issues such as hair-loss and prostate enlargement and even prostate cancer can be combated. This can be especially useful to performance enhancers who supplement with DHT based anabolic steroids; common DHT based anabolic steroids include Anadrol, Anavar, Masteron, Primobolan and Winstrol. In many ways, Finasteride is rather easy to understand, and it is quite powerful; however, its use comes with a strong note of caution as we will see. With this in mind, lets take a look at Finasteride, and then you can decide if this 5alpha-reductase (5-AR) inhibitor is for you.


DHT compounds can cause us to experience hair-loss; if youre supplementing with a DHT based anabolic steroid and you lose any hair you were going to lose it any way; the DHT compound simply sped the process up. What happens is rather simple; DHT slowly deteriorates the hair-follicles, and as a result you lose your hair. Since you naturally produce DHT to begin with, if youre predisposed to male-pattern baldness this was already going to happen, but if you are not predisposed theres no concern. As for prostate growth, DHT is responsible for the prostate growing in the first place, and if theres too much present it can continue to grow until a problem results. For those concerned with hair-loss, Finasteride can prevent the DHT buildup and the problem is solved; the same can be said of prostate enlargement. In many cases, it has been shown that six months of Finasteride therapy can result in reversing an enlarged prostate, and without question, this will be the medications most valuable point of use.

For those who are supplementing with anabolic steroids, who are predisposed to male-pattern baldness there is also something else that can be said; if youre concerned about your hair then dont supplement with DHT based steroids. As for prostate enlargement, it will take a lot of DHT to see this enlargement, and if you supplement with DHT based steroids this is something youll need to keep an eye on; most healthy adult men who do not have a prostate problem to begin with will be fine if they supplement responsibly. Of course, for the anabolic steroid user, many hate the idea of giving up DHT based steroids; after all, they represent some long standing favorites. If this is the case, you could use Finasteride and be just fine, but you need to exercise caution as will be discussed below.


Finasteride carries some important traits that can be quite useful, but this strong androgen suppressor can lead to some adverse effects that are often not discussed. When it comes to hair-loss, many men are so petrified theyll use Finasteride at any cost; however, you need to understand the odds of adverse effects with Finasteride use are greater than compared to most any anabolic androgenic steroid. The use of Finasteride can have a negative impact on muscle hypertrophy, and in a strong, significant manner. Further, your general well-being can simply be thrown out of line, as suppressing hormones can at times severely diminish your overall quality of life; many men who use Finasteride may find it severely hampers their libido and even sexual function. In any case, these are factors you need to be aware of before you consider use, and you must exercise caution if such use ends up being at hand.