Designer Steroids

Designer steroids ; theyre often highly desired and the reason is in the name itself and nothing more; after all, the word Designer has a nice ring to it. This is a word that will suck people into a purchase faster than anything on earth; for example, would you rather buy a new pair of jeans or a new pair of designer jeans? In truth, the regular pair of jeans is probably every bit as good as its designer counterpart, but people will pay two to three times as much for that little label. This little label has also found its way into the supplement market; many over the counter (OTC) supplements have found a way to label their products as designer steroids, but the truth is theyre not steroids at all. Not only are these products not designer steroids or any kind of steroid, most of them are as valuable as a pile of crap covered in crap; in case youre slow, thats not very valuable. This isnt to say there arent some high quality OTC supplements, there most certainly are, but many of these purported designer steroids do not meet this end.

Of course, while most of these OTC items mentioned above are not anabolic steroids, the term designer steroids can actually refer to something real; there are some anabolic steroidal supplements that actually do meet the criteria. A prime example, in-fact, it is The example came out of the late Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) as they actually did produce what we would consider true blue designer steroids. Through chemist Patrick Arnold, BALCO would provide the potent Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) or what would later be more commonly known as The Clear. An undetectable anabolic steroidal agent, THG was closely related to the tremendously powerful Trenbolone hormone as well as Gestrinone, but it is this combination of specific hormones and its undetectable nature that garners it the true designer label. It should be noted; many often mistake and confuse The Clear with another famous BALCO product The Cream; the two are not the same. The Cream was merely a transdermal testosterone Gel and as such does not meet the designer criteria.

Beyond the BALCO line and the OTC supplements that carry this label inappropriately, there have been other designer steroids that have hit the market, but most of these have long since disappeared. Through the 1990s and early 2000s, numerous pro-hormones and steroid precursors hit the market in OTC form, and designer steroids are the only way to classify such items. Most of these items were not anabolic androgenic steroids directly, but by their mode of action, once ingested they would convert and provide such anabolic action. Of course, through the Steroid Control Act of 2004, legislation enacted to reinforce the Steroid Control Act of 1990, most of these items would be placed on the Schedule III controlled substances list.

While most of these legitimate designer steroids are no more, year after year supplement companies are coming out with new products that contain active steroidal precursors that will provide anabolic action; these too can be classified as designer steroids. Granted, the ones that are worth your time and attention are few and far between, this market is not what it once was, but a few quality products have hit the shelves since the 2004 act. Of course, in most cases they will find themselves on the controlled substances list due to the way the 2004 act grants such power, but they are normally replaced with new items just as fast. Most of these supplement companies are aware of how the process works, and as they know their product will only hold a legal status for a couple of years they have a new one waiting in the shadows to replace it as soon as such a time arises. Are such products as good as actual anabolic androgenic steroids? No; in-fact, its not even close, but some of these types of OTCdesigner steroids can be an option for those who wish for such a supplement and have no desire to take the legal risk associated with anabolic steroidal supplementation.