There is no question, Cytomel is a remarkable drug and one of the more powerful and effective drugs we have for the purpose of stripping away body-fat. Many athletes use Cytomel prior to competitions in order to make weight; this drug is probably used in physique circles more than any other sport specifically for that purpose. But Cytomel is also commonly found among even the average gym rats; those who simply want to look better and by look better we mean a lean muscular physique.

Theres something that must be understood about Cytomel that is unfortunately lost on many who use it; you absolutely need to use anabolic steroids when you use Cytomel or you will experience a vast amount of muscle loss. In the simplest terms we can put it, Cytomel creates within the body a high-demand for energy and its going to get what it needs one way or another. Further, if our fat-loss diet is too low in calories, even with anabolic steroids we may indeed lose more muscle tissue than we would otherwise and if youre looking for a better looking physique, this is the wrong way to go. The idea is to lose the fat and keep the muscle; sure, some muscle loss is inevitable on any diet when we really get low in terms of body-fat, even with anabolic steroids but the key is to minimize the muscle loss while burning as much body- fat as possible.

When we take anabolic steroids with our Cytomel we are able to make better use of the nutrients we are taking in; each nutrient in a sense becomes more valuable than it would without anabolic assistance. Because of the rise in value of the nutrients we are enabled with the ability to produce more ATP, which Cytomel thrives off of; as we stated, one way or another the Cytomel will get the ATP it needs and if adequate nutrients are not there it will take it from your muscle tissue. Many female physique competitors, particularly in the figure and bikini categories end up using Cytomel in a last ditch effort but do so without anabolic steroid use; these are normally the women who finish far worse than they should have. If you are a woman looking for that added bump in fat-burning but do not use anabolic steroids of any kind youd be advised to stay away from Cytomel and opt for less invasive fat-burners such as Clenbuterol.

This raises another common question; can you use both Cytomel and Clenbuterol at the same time safely? Absolutely; they do not work on the same pathways and the combo of the two drugs will have you burning fat faster and more efficiently than you could ever imagine.

It should be noted, there are side-effects of Cytomel use. Headaches and excess sweating are not uncommon but as our bodies adapt in most cases the headaches will subside. Other common side-effects may include the following although rare; insomnia, upset stomach and irritability. Many women also experience irregular menstrual cycles but one should note if their body-fat is very low this will occur anyway and should not raise a concern; once body-fat levels go back up and/or Cytomel use stops, your menstrual cycle will return to normal. Before you begin use consult your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to use this very powerful thyroid hormone.