Clomiphene Citrate

Clomid Clomiphene Citrate, commonly referred to as Clomids are an anti-estrogen drug used by many athletes who partake in anabolic steroid use. Like the drug Tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Nolva) Clomid is a drug with traits that aid in blocking estrogen; a common enemy of those looking to add strength or size. Keep in mind and it is often forgotten, some estrogen is needed in the body; both males and females produce this hormone but one of our goals is to keep it as low as possible, especially when anabolic steroids are in play.

Clomid Primary Use

There are two primary uses for Clomiphene Citrateduring an anabolic steroid cycle; to reduce estrogen buildup and during post cycle therapy to stimulate natural testosterone production. In both cases the drug can be useful, although it has been proven that it is more beneficial during your post cycle therapy than while on anabolic steroids. Drugs such as Arimedex and Letrozol are far more efficient while on cycle and Clomid is better suited for post cycle therapy needs.

Post Cycle Therapy

One of the most common question among anabolic steroid users is how much Clomids should I use during my post cycle therapy (PCT) and for how long? Most anabolic steroid users who use Clomiphene Citrate as part of their PCT can generally start at 100mg every day for the first couple of weeks and then taper the dose down to 50mg every day for another one or two weeks. In the case of a standard anabolic steroid cycle this may in-fact be plenty of Clomidto aid in what you need; some anabolic steroid users however may need to start their dose at 150mg per day the first week and slowly taper down from there. Like so many things in the steroid game this can be very individually based and can only be perfected with time.

Making Clomiphene Citrate Work

Another very useful drug to use in combination with your Clomiphene Citrate during PCT is human chorionic gonadotrophin commonly known as hCG. Additional hCG treatment along with Clomid therapy can greatly improve your post cycle therapy and return you to normal testosterone production levels quite sooner than without. A steady dose of hCG prior to Clomid use is advisable for ten to fourteen days followed by three to four weeks of Clomids therapy.

Clomid Side Effects

As with all drugs, Clomid has possible side effects. The most common side effect mentioned among anabolic steroid users who use Clomid as part of their therapy is blurred vision. However, this group falls in the minority and although the blurred vision is annoying it is typically not to the extent to where you can no longer see and subsides when Clomid therapy is ceased. Another side effect prevalent in some is acne but this side effect is less common than even the blurred vision. If Clomids side effects are too much to handle, you may find Tamoxifen to be a superior choice to meet your needs.