Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, often simply called Clenbuterol or Clen is a powerful beta-2 agonist that allows us to burn more body-fat than without. Like many drugs, Clenbuterol was not developed for fat-loss purposes; its primary purpose is that of an asthma medication but like so many drugs it has found a welcomed home in the performance enhancing world.

In the world of things that are anti-catabolic, Clenbuterol is high on the list; as many users do, coupled with a regiment of anabolic steroids the end product is a lean muscular machine. Understand, taking Clenbuterol alone will not produce these results; you cannot forgo exercise and a sound diet and expect the fat to fall off, this isnt a magic pill. However, a course of Clenbuterol will aide in the process and often give you a nice finishing touch.

One thing all Clenbuterol users must be aware of is the drug will wear off, meaning, after a time of use the effects gradually decline. For this reason of decline it is important to know how best to use Clenbuterol so as to get the most benefit possible. The two most prominent methods and both will work are two weeks on followed by two weeks off. The other primary method of Clenbuterol use is consistent through the diet, starting with a small dose and gradually ramping up as the weeks go on. With the second method we do not allow our bodies to become accustomed since the dose is always changing. With the first method we allow time for our body to be free of Clenbuterol thereby allowing it to be Fresh once it enters the system again.

It is important to note water intake is very important when we use Clenbuterol. This powerful thermogenic can cause headaches and cramping, both often a result of too little water in the system. Some individuals will often find it difficult to sleep when using Clenbuterol and may suffer from bouts of insomnia; for this reason it is important that you take your Clenbuterol first thing in the morning or in split doses with the second coming before evening time. The split doses are not a necessity due to the thirty-six hour half-life of the drug but if you are sensitive to the stimulating affects you may find this method a little more tolerable.

For those who wish to add Clenbuterol to their diet programs it is very important you consult your physician first. For those who suffer from heart problems or abnormalities,Clenbuterol may not be for you. There are very few studies showing hard data to support this but the few that exists show it may be a little harsh on the heart in those who have a weak heart and thats not something you want to chance. For most, for the healthy individual, it does not appear to be a concern.

All-in-all it is safe to say, Clenbuterol will provide results you could not expect otherwise. A common question many have is it safe to take thyroid meds such as T3 when using Clen? Absolutely, these two drugs are not similar in any way other than the fact they will both greatly benefit in you leaning out. The combo of these two drugs is one of the reasons so many physiques on the magazine shelves you see look like they do and that is a fact. Not the Only but one that cannot be ignored.