Clen , or Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is a bronchodilator that stimulates the beta-2 receptors; developed to treat breathing disorders such as asthma, Clen is a potent fat-burning agent. Without question, it is its raw fat-burning power that has gained Clen such popularity; in-fact, it is used for this purpose far more often than any other. A true enhancer of total metabolic activity, this is a tool many performance enhancers will not diet without; it truly can be that useful. Beyond the direct promotion of lipolysis, Clen has been shown to be a decent appetite suppressor; however, it doesnt appear to affect everyone the same in this regard.

In any case, before we go any further there are a few elements of truth we must make clear; first and foremost, this is not magic in a bottle. Well go over this in detail later on, but to lose body-fat youll still have to diet. Further, while it is commonly used by those who supplement with anabolic steroids it is not an anabolic steroid in any shape, form or fashion; in-fact, you do not have to supplement with anabolic steroids if you decide to use Clen. So lets take a look at Clen; what it is, how it works and how you can use it in a way that maximizes your fat-loss goals while remaining safe.

Mode of Action:

The mode of action of Clen is one of the simplest things we can ever understand; when we say its not magical we truly mean it, and this will shortly be easily seen. As a beta-2 stimulator, through this direct stimulation the mitochondria of the cells within the body produce and release more heat; in-turn, this causes an increase in total heat. As core temperature is increased, this enhances your overall metabolic rate, and as a result, fat as burned at a greater level of efficiency; simple, yet tremendously effective. That really is all there is to it; like we said, it may be far from magical and it may be quite simple, but it is nothing short of amazing.

What Will Happen:

As Clen will enhance your overall metabolic rate, this means you will be able to burn fat at a higher and more efficient rate; however, its not going to melt the fat off your body all on its own. The best way to view Clen is just as you would any other supplement; an addition to a plan thats already effective enabling you to enhance the total plan. In any case, if Clen is going to help you, you must be in a caloric deficit; you must burn more calories than you consume. Failure to follow this will result in no fat loss; it wont matter how much Clen you supplement with if youre not burning more calories than you consume. Further, Clen is not going to help you drop thirty or forty pounds; yes, it can help you lose weight, body-fat, but its going to be more useful in-regards to burning off stubborn areas that are often found hanging on for dear life at the end of a diet. If you are severely overweight, Clen is probably not for you; this is why its found in performance circles most often; such individuals are already in fairly good shape, and supplementation can help provide the final touches.


Like anything on earth, Clen is not without possible side-effects, and as a stimulator enhanced stimulation will be primary. Many who supplement often report a wired or jittery type feeling, and in many cases, bouts with insomnia. Of course, as is with any stimulant the body will adapt to such effects, but they can be quite strong and you need to be aware; most will need to take their Clen first thing in the morning to avoid insomnia. Beyond the stimulating nature, some may find muscle cramps to be an issue due to taurine depletion; supplementing with taurine will remedy this problem, but often drinking a little extra water will do the trick.

For most who supplement with Clen, the above represents the only adverse effects they may have to concern themselves with; some may find they fall prey to headaches if they are stimulant sensitive, but this isnt common. As you can see, so far it all sounds pretty good, but there is one possible adverse effect that is of a far more serious nature; cardiac hypertrophy or the enlargement of the ventricles of the heart. For the healthy adult who supplements responsibly, this will not be a concern, but if you supplement with reckless abandonment in-regards to your health or if you already have heart issues of this nature there will be trouble. In-order to afford protection, all Clen supplementation should be limited to 16 total weeks per year, and total dosing must be kept moderate. You should supplement with as little as possible; most men will find 40mcg per day to be the perfect starting point, with women finding 20mcg per day to be adequate. Of course, as the body adapts, dosing must increase but it should only do so in 20mcg increments every few weeks as needed. Further, total dosing should be cut off at 140mcg for men, with women needing to end Clen supplementation at 100mg max.