Buy Anabolic Steroids Online

The ability to buy anabolic steroids online; a quick search result will easily display numerous web based suppliers. Even so, while the ability to buy anabolic steroids online is tremendously easy and convenient, it is a practice that will come with of few warnings; points of extreme caution. First and foremost is the legal aspect of such a purchase, and then of course, we have to concern ourselves with the actual supplier. Make no mistake, you can buy anabolic steroids online and have them shipped to your door in most cases problem free, and you can receive some of the best anabolic steroids on earth; however, there are risks, and you must be aware. While we cannot promote such activity, nor encourage you to follow through, we can explain the risks, we can make you aware, and then you can decide for yourself if youre going to buy anabolic steroids online.


In the U.S., anabolic androgenic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances by way of the Steroid Control Act of 1990; an act reinforced and enhanced by the Steroid Control Act of 2004. By this law, it is against the law to purchase or possess anabolic steroids without a prescription, and in-order to obtain a prescription there must be a legal medical need; performance enhancement, the most common reason for supplementation is not such a need. At any rate, when you buy anabolic steroids online, if you live in the United States you are breaking the law; after all, the only way to get a prescription is through a doctor.

When you buy anabolic steroids online, they will arrive via mail or courier service and this will present two risks that you need to be aware of. The first is having your package seized, and this can happen with domestic and international orders. The risk is slightly greater with international orders due to the package necessarily passing through customs, but its not as uncommon as you might think for a package to be seized by U.S. postal inspectors if its leaking or some other flag is raised. In any case, if a package is seized, in most cases youll receive a letter informing you of the action, and the issue will more than likely be dropped. The letter will normally state the package intended for you contains a controlled substance, and if you believe you have a legal right to the contents you have a specified amount of time to prove such cause; if not, the package will be lost. If this occurs, its a good idea to contact your attorney just to be on the safe side; its unlikely any more action will be taken, but further action is possible if you just so happen to be chosen as someone to make an example of.

The next risk and this is the big one is a controlled delivery. Your package will be flagged and seized, but no letter will be sent; instead your package will actually arrive. In this case, your package will arrive in the hands of an undercover law enforcement agent posing as a postal worker or courier employee, and he will do everything in his power to get the package into your hands. He will more than likely ask for your signature; do not sign for anything! If you fail to offer your signature, youre not out of the water yet; many law enforcement agents will end up offering you the package despite a signature; a signature gives their case more fire, but you merely accepting the package is enough. There have also been cases of individuals who when they refused to accept the package due to suspicion the undercover agents come clean about who they were; from there they opened the package, and said they made a mistake. Theyll say something along the lines of the amounts inside being personal use amounts and that they made a mistake due to personal amounts being legal; this is a lie and if you accept this package youre an idiot.

While these are the major risk if you buy anabolic steroids online, in this same light there is one more we need to briefly discuss as it is becoming increasingly common. Youll receive your package, it will be in your mailbox or at your front door; its not being delivered by an undercover agent in person. Youll take your package inside, open it and it will trigger a signal to law enforcement agents that the package has been opened; from there your door will be shortly kicked in and youll be dead in the water. If you buy anabolic steroids online, there is no way to protect yourself from this occurrence; the odds are in your favor, and for your sake hopefully your supplier understands how to get through inspectors, but the risk is still there.

Supplier Risks:

By supplier risks, we are specifically referring to your risks in-regards to the supplier you use, and there are a few. First and foremost, when you decide to buy anabolic steroids online you will find there are hundreds of suppliers; maybe even more. While there are numerous to choose from, the vast majorities are not worth your time; absolutely, there are numerous high quality suppliers, but they are far outnumbered by the trash. In any case, there are five distinct risks when you buy anabolic steroids online that fall under this category; they include:

Scammed: youll make a purchase, but youll never receive anything in return, and theres very little you can do about this; after all, its not like you can report this to the BBB or consumer affairs. If this occurs, you should make it known to message boards that allow such discussion, and these message boards do an excellent job of driving such suppliers out of business.

Under-Dosed: youll receive your products, the right products but they are severely under-dosed. This will be extremely difficult for a newbie to spot in many cases, but if youve ever supplementing with high quality steroids this will be easy to spot. If this occurs, again report such information to related message boards.

Mislabeled: Youll receive your products but not the ones you ordered; theyll be labeled as the ones you ordered and theyll even be real anabolic steroids, but theyre not the ones you ordered. Its not uncommon for some suppliers to have a massive list of steroids but all the injectable forms are Testosterone and all the tablets are Dianabol.

Counterfeited: This one speaks for itself; your product isnt real. In some ways, mislabeling can fall into this category too, but in either case, the right reports should be made.

Contaminated: youll receive your product, it may be perfect in every way with one exception; it was not manufactured in a sterile environment and as a result is contaminated with bacteria. If this occurs, it can lead to painful injections that are very sore, and in worse cases it can lead to an abscess.

For the reasons above, before you buy anabolic steroids online it is extremely important that you do not make such a purchase just because someone is offering; you must research the supplier. In all honesty, while those above five risks sound pretty bad there is absolutely no reason you should ever have to deal with a single one. There is a massive amount of high quality anabolic steroids on the market; massive, but it will take a little work on your part if youre going to find them. High quality suppliers do not make a habit of making a lot of noise, and their customers are tremendously protective of them, but you can find them. There are some suppliers that have been in business for decades, and they now exist online as the modern era has evolved into that state. These suppliers have lasted for so long for some very basic reasons; they provide the best products on earth, theyre not scamming anyone, and they have a base of customers who protect them at all cost; if youre going to buy anabolic steroids online, these are the suppliers you want.