Bulking Steroid

For performance enhancing athletes, the vast majority do their work with either bulking or cutting cycles. Bulking cycles refer to periods in-which we are trying to build muscle; whereas cutting cycles refer to periods where we are trying to lean out while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. Cutting cycles can be very exciting, as once lean enough you can see all the hard work pay off. While this is true, many performance enhancers are more concerned with bulking; after all, dieting is hard, and there are a lot of guys who just want to be big. With that in mind, we want to discuss bulking and lead you to the best bulking steroid for you. No, there isnt one single bulking steroid that is the end all be all, youll find one bulking steroid to serve you in one way, while another carries different effects.

Bulking Steroid 101:

The purpose of bulking is not to simply increase your weight, far from it; the purpose is to add lean muscle tissue. With that in mind, there is a crucial factor we must get out of the way; ignore the scale. The scale is meaningless and tells us absolutely nothing. If youre supplementing with a solid bulking steroid, and your weight increases 30lbs if most of it is fat are you going to be all that satisfied? Of course not, and because of this the only true gauge we have is the mirror. Sure, when you see the scale jump up to a bigger number this can be exciting, but again, it is meaningless.

When we choose a good bulking steroid we are only concerned with mass, we are only concerned with steroids that promote lean tissue growth. While most all anabolic steroids can promote lean tissue growth to a degree, we want those that do so in the most efficient manner possible. Absolutely, if a bulking steroid also increases strength this is a good thing, being stronger can help you gain the size you want. However, if a steroid is an excellent strength increaser that does not necessarily mean its a good bulking steroid. Take for example Winstrol, it can substantially increase strength but will do very little in-terms of adding lean mass. Then take Halotestin, there is perhaps no anabolic steroid that can increase strength as quickly and dramatically as Halotestin, but it will do absolutely nothing for growth.

The Best Bulking Steroid:

As we stated early on there isnt necessarily one single best bulking steroid; however, there is one that is the most important. Without question, if youre looking for a good bulking steroid you cannot go wrong with testosterone. Of course, testosterone is so versatile it is also a fantastic, cutting steroid. If youre trying to do things right, if youre trying to get the most bang for your buck and trying to protect your health you will always include testosterone in some form. How high you run the dosing will be up to you, but you will necessarily administer at least enough to give your body the adequate amounts of this primary androgen that it most assuredly needs.

Weve already told you what to look for when choosing a good bulking steroid, and with that in mind its time to tell you which ones are the best. We have listed the most common anabolic steroids below in-order of effectiveness regarding bulking. It is important to note; although a certain steroid may be low on the list as a bulking steroid, such as Winstrol and Halotestin, that doesnt mean its a useless steroid. Some of these steroids are extremely useful as cutting steroids even though they may be poor bulkers. For this reason, we have also listed the most commonly used steroids in-terms of the cutting importance, again, in order of effectiveness.

Bulking Cutting
Testosterone-Cypionate Testosterone-Cypionate
Testosterone-Enanthate Testosterone-Enanthate
Testosterone-Propionate Testosterone-Propionate
Sustanon-250 Sustanon-250
Omnadren Omnadren
Deca-Durabolin Trenbolone-Acetate
Trenbolone-Acetate Trenbolone-Enanthate
Trenbolone-Enanthate Parabolan
Parabolan Equipoise
Dianabol Winstrol
Anadrol Halotestin
NPP Masteron
Equipoise Primobolan
Primobolan Turinabol
Turinabol Anavar
Winstrol NPP
Anavar Deca-Durabolin
Masteron Proviron
Halotestin Anadrol
Proviron Dianabol

*Notes: - The first five in both lists are testosterone and are all equal; one is not better than the next.

- The cutting list: while certain steroids are low on the list this doesnt mean theres no place for them in a cutting cycle. For example, many competitive bodybuilders supplement with Anadrol right before a show to fill out. We simply listed them in order of their importance regarding cutting.

-As for the bulking steroid list, from Primobolan to Proviron, these steroids will do almost nothing for you in-terms of adding quality size.

- While these lists will hold true for most, as we are all individuals you may find certain steroids move higher or lower down the list depending on your own genetic response.