British Dragon Steroids

British Dragon steroids ; in the world of anabolic steroids there has never been an underground lab (UGL) as massive or as important to the performance enhancing market. One of the most influential UGLs of all time, although a UG line many gave British Dragon steroids in the same respect afforded top shelf human grade labels such as Organon and Schering. BD as it was often called represented exactly what anabolic steroids were supposed to be; clean, pure, accurately dosed and exactly what they were supposed to be each and every time. Further, BD carried a full line of nearly every anabolic imaginable, but they did all of these things in a manner that provided affordability for the consumer. With all of this considered, while it cannot be proven outright theres a good chance British Dragon steroids have been in the hands of more performance enhancing athletes than any brand in history; of course, by our tone youve more than likely correctly assumed British Dragon steroids are no more.

Rise Only to Fall:

Born in Pattaya, Thailand, British Dragon steroids hit the market with force in 1999, and almost immediately found success in worldwide distribution. It would be one of the fastest rising anabolic steroid operations in history, and it would be the line of this label that would shape the world of performance enhancement like never before. With massive access to the Chinese raw powder market, BD came into existence at the perfect time, right at the beginning of the internet boom; call it luck, call it whatever you want, but they took advantage of this new avenue with force, but many claim it would be this fast rise that would lead to its fall.

In 2008, 100 DEA agents raided Pattaya, Thailand on March 21st, arresting Edwin Richard Crawley; a British citizen believed to be the head of British Dragon steroids. It would be the beginning of the biggest bust in the history of the performance enhancing market, for many would continue to fall in the aftermath including the well-known Redicat Ashley Vincent Livingston. Livingston was the partner of Crawley and also the founder of paperbolics.: Crawley received a 20 year sentence and Livingston 24 months due to his cooperation with law enforcement; Crawley died three years later due to complications from pneumonia.

The Fallout:

With British Dragon steroids no more, this left a massive hole in the market to be filled, and with lightning speed, new suppliers came out of the woodwork. Several suppliers who came into existence would claim to be the New BD, and as they understood the power of this name many of them would begin to have success. Of course, as you can probably imagine many of these suppliers were far from perfect, many of them were scammers eager to make a quick buck, but there would be one who would survive permanently grabbing hold of the name. This new BD line claims to be a restructured organization made up of many from the old BD staff; how much truth is in this statement is anyones guess as they have remained underground with more protection than the last British Dragon steroids line. They do appear to carry some credibility with this statement, but the original British Dragon steroids line is no more. Even so, regardless of this claim holding any truth, the power behind the name still carries an enormous amount of weight in the performance enhancing community. The British Dragon steroids label had become one of the most trusted in history in a world plagued by filth, and for the performance enhancing community it is a shame that its powerful existence was so short lived.