Bodybuilders on Steroids

When you think of tremendous muscle mass, in most cases youre going to think about bodybuilders on steroids. While this is often an accurate assumption, it can also be a stereotype that implies something other than the truth; the truth, bodybuilders are far from the only ones. Sure, most who compete supplement, and this makes bodybuilders on steroids a primary target and a big one at that; pun intended. Of course, as stated they are not the only ones; of all those who supplement with anabolic steroids, the vast majority are not competitive bodybuilders; in-fact, they dont compete in any sport. In the U.S., of all those who supplement only 10-15% do so for competitive reasons; the rest are gym rats; everyday people looking to build a better body. As for all the bodybuilders on steroids; the major competitive sports are every bit as full of them; this is truth, these are facts. Nevertheless, we are not concerned with such individuals today; we are concerned with bodybuilders on steroids and nothing more; lets see what we can find.

1960s to the 1980s:

From the late 1960s through the early 1980s, in the eyes of many bodybuilding enthusiast this period of time is often referred to as The Golden Age. Largely due to the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would also see such bodybuilders as Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva and many, many more. It would also bring to the silver screen the popular documentary Pumping Iron and shortly after, particularly in-regards to Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno we would begin to see bodybuilders making their way into mainstream Hollywood. Why is this important, why is this era so intrinsic to the topic of bodybuilders on steroids and how we view such activity today? Its important because these were bodybuilders on steroids; sure, their hard work and dedication to the sport earned them respect, but without steroids in play they would not be who they are today, and to deny this is to deny the sky is blue. Even so, while most in society would and continue to mock steroid users these individuals are praised even today; look at the cast of the recent blockbuster hit The Expendables in 2010; a host of former bodybuilders on steroids, now action stars everyone; and yes, these men are still supplementing. You bet theyre still supplementing; would you stop? Of course not, but whats odd is how youll praise these men, they entertain you, but the regular everyday bodybuilder youll ridicule him into the ground; its pathetic; not him, but you.

The Truth:

Its commonly said, if you work hard, eat right and dedicate yourself to the cause youll reach the level of muscular development you desire, and this holds true with bodybuilding and all physical, competitive ventures. Understand this here and now; in the history of the world there has never been a bigger lie. You better believe it, it takes all of these things, but without anabolic steroids the muscular development you desire is not going to be obtained. Go ahead, call us liars, call us whatever you want; thats the truth and you can beat your head against the wall till it cracks open, stand up and scream till your throat bleeds and this truth will not change. Even so, bodybuilders on steroids remains a taboo topic for many; its simply so hard for many people to accept, and if they cant accept this how on earth are they ever going to accept the truth about the NFL?

When it comes to this problem, the way bodybuilders on steroids are branded it all comes down to one important thing; a lack of education. Those who are often deemed Steroid Experts, commonly theyre self-proclaimed experts and some of the most uneducated men in the world on the topic. For example, take the U.S. governments go to guy Dr. Gary Wadler; hes a doctor, he must know what hes talking about, right? Theres your first problem, hes a doctor and in our society we automatically assume such individuals are experts on anything that can be put into the human body, when in-fact, most of these men have little more understanding of anabolic steroids than you; some even less. As for Dr. Wadler, were not going to delve into him today, but if there was ever a sham when it comes to steroidal discussions youll find his picture next to the definition.

The Ultimate Truth:

If you want to have success in bodybuilding, youre going to have to be one of the many bodybuilders on steroids, and even then your success is not guaranteed. While anabolic steroids are a massive factor, they are not the only factor; they are merely a piece of the total puzzle that must be put together. Make no mistake, you can build a great physique without anabolic steroidal supplementation; you can be fit and healthy and live a quality life; this we will not deny. Even so, if you want true muscle mass, true mass at a low body-fat its not going to happen without anabolic steroids, and anyone who denies this is lying or mentally inept. You can hate this, thats fine, but if you do make sure you educate yourself on anabolic steroids before you make such assumptions and voice such strong opinions. If youre like most, if you hate anabolic steroids with such passion, more than likely its because you havent truly taken the time to understand them, and that is ultimate truth.