You have seen commercials for Low-T you have heard millions of Special Reports on your local news regarding testosterone and treatments surrounding this hormone. In many of these instances theres a good chance the word Androgel has popped up a time or two but exactly what purpose does this serve and who is it for?

What is Androgel?

Androgel is simply a Transdermal Testosterone or Topical testosterone used in treatments of hormone replacement therapy (HRT.) Androgelis testosterone the same as injectable testosterone; the only difference is it is administered outwardly by applying it to the skin instead of by intramuscular injection. Beyond the manner in-which it is administered perhaps the only other major difference worth noting is the amount of useable testosterone available from doses of Androgel versus its counter-injectable cousins. For individuals receiving HRT in the form of injectable testosterone, doses of 100mg-200mg are not uncommon; for such individuals who are prescribed Androgel a much higher dose of 5g-10g is common place. However, regarding Androgelthe actual percentage of usable testosterone from each dose is around 10% and with injectable testosterone it is far higher; closer to 100% with an injectable testosterone such as testosterone-propionate.

Is Androgel for You?

If you suffer from low-testosterone you may find this topical solution to greatly benefit you. Only your doctor can determine if you are a candidate through administering test to determine your free-testosterone levels. If you suffer from low libido theres a good chance HRT may be in your future. Other common symptoms include an inability to lose body-fat, increases in body-fat even when dieting and exercising; a decrease in muscle mass, as well as a sense of lethargy. Androgel can greatly aid in reversing these symptoms and get you back on track to a normal life and well-functioning body.

It is important to note; if you suffer from low-testosterone there is no cure. If your doctor prescribes you Androgel it will not fix it in the sense that once normal levels of testosterone are obtained you no longer need treatment. Yes, Androgel can send you on your way to normal testosterone levels but the only way to stay in the normal range is to continue therapy. If Androgel is part of your therapy you will need to administer the drug every single day; failure to do so will rapidly decrease your testosterone levels. Failure to apply the drug for five consecutive days will send your testosterone levels back to where they were before you began therapy.

Androgel Applications

Once you receive your Androgel you will only need to apply it by rubbing it on your shoulders, upper-arms or abdomen. Generally the medication will come in a multi-dose pump or single-dose packets. Once applied it is important you do not expose the drug to water or excess sweat; you need to allow it time to absorb; most individuals will find three (3) to four (4) hours to be sufficient.

Androgel Side-Effects

As with all drugs there are potential side-effects; this includes all anabolic steroids as well as all drugs that fall in the non-anabolic category, such as headache medications, cough syrups or anything else you can think of. Regarding Androgel common side-effects are generally the same as any other form of testosterone medication, such as water retention, bloating, Gynecomastia, increased blood-pressure, high and low levels of cholesterol and so on. Most will find these side-effects to be very mild and in general somewhat rare. If there is a more common side-effect surrounding Androgel it is irritation of the skin where the drug is applied. This form of testosterone therapy is the only one that carries this possible side-effect; although the majority does not experience skin irritation it is the most common negative side-effect.

In the end, the only way to determine if Androgel is right for you is to talk to your doctor. There you will be guided on issues surrounding side-effects and how best to avoid them in your case. Your doctor will also be able to determine an accurate dose for you, as well as inform you if Androgel is your best option or if an injectable testosterone will better meet your needs.