Anavar Read any internet steroid board and youll find a very common question Whats the safest anabolic steroid I can run? The answer is simple and the answer is Anavar. Its without a doubt the mildest anabolic steroid on the market today. It does not affect our testosterone levels in the way many other anabolics do; it does not aromatase at all and if you are sensitive to other anabolics in that way Anavar may indeed be perfect for you. Another very positive note is its very mild effect on the liver. Most anabolic steroids that are of the 17-alpha alkylated family can be toxic to the liver; especially in high doses. However, Anavar has been proven to escape this nasty trait. A study by the Journal of Applied Physiology has shown that after a twelve week trial of Anavar at a dose of 20mg per day had a Negligible effect on liver enzymes.

The Fat Burning Anabolic

Among other traits Anavar has been linked to aiding in fat-loss, as well as including its muscle tissue building and maintaining qualities. Some studies have noted slight decreases in body-fat when subjects use Anavar particularly in places where it is normally hard to lose. However, when regarding body-fat we must take into account the advent of new muscle tissue as well; when muscle mass goes up, assuming body-fat is neither gained or lost, inevitably the percentage of body-fat the individual now has is less; the substance of the total mass has changed. Even so, make no mistake, Anavar is useful in aiding in burning fat but dont buy into the hype because all anabolic steroids can aid in burning fat; anyone who tells you otherwise is probably selling snake oil.

Side Dishes

When we talk about anabolic steroid use, in most cases individuals use more than one anabolic compound in conjunction with other performance enhancing drugs; this is known as Stacking. However, every stack in every cycle usually has one anabolic steroid in-which the stack is built around, such as building a stack around testosterone. In men Anavar is not something one would want to build a stack around due to its very mild at best results it will give you. It can be a good side-dish so to speak, sort of the potatoes to go with your steak. However, for most females Anavar is often the whole pizza pie with a few added toppings such as clen and nolva. Anavar is truly the perfect anabolic steroid for female athletes; very low doses in females will produce remarkable results and side-effect are minimal if they exist at all.

Fem Physique

When it comes to anabolic steroids often it is the competitive physique world that first comes to mind. Make no mistake, every sport on the planet is full of anabolic steroids; it is however more vociferous in the world of physique competitions. That said, when it comes to these competitions and Anavar this is without a doubt the primary place this particular anabolic is used and very much so in the figure and fitness divisions of these competitions. Physique athletes who compete in figure and fitness require more muscle than the average woman, yet not nearly as much as their fellow female bodybuilders. With Anavar mild anabolic nature, low side-effect probability and all-around well-rounded results it is the queen of the ring regarding anabolics in this world.