One of the oldest anabolic steroids available, Anadrol has not only been around for ages, it has provided fuel for a long standing argument that wont seem to go away. Anadrol is one of the more potent anabolic steroids we can use; that most agree but the disagreement remains as to which is better, Anadrol or Dianabol (Dbol.) Both drugs carry similar properties, both drugs can lead to similar negative side-effects but how do we determine which one is truly the better drug? Unfortunately, as much as we can argue and go back and forth again and again there isnt a clear cut answer. When it comes to anabolic steroids there are solid truths that remain for all individuals but the genetic makeup of each individual can also greatly affect the effectiveness of each drug on a person to person basis; Anadrol is no exception and that is the drug we want to look at today.

Anadrol was first developed in the 1960s largely in-part to combat anemia. Anemia is a result in a less than adequate supply of red-blood cells and it is the red-blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues of the body. The human body, as we all know requires oxygen and when there is limited oxygen being brought to the tissues of the body consequences are found. One of the key components of Anadrol is its ability to increase red-blood cell counts, allowing more oxygen to be transported throughout the body. As anabolic steroid users this is of particular importance; with a higher red-blood cell count more oxygen can be brought to our muscle tissue, enabling it to grow and function at a higher rate. Coupled with increasing red-blood cells, Anadrol also has a massive effect on protein synthesis; in short and in simple terms this means each gram of protein we intake is used more efficiently. Since protein is the building block of all muscle we can easily see how increasing the capacity of each protein would benefit us.

The increase in protein synthesis and red-blood cell count should be enough to lend an understanding of how powerful Anadrol can be but lets put a number on it to really give it some teeth. For those using Anadrol for performance enhancing purposes it is not uncommon for these individuals to see an increase in weight as high as twenty to even thirty pounds after only a few weeks of use. Granted, much of this weight increase will be that of water; Anadrol can cause a fair amount of water retention but the remaining weight gain will be lean tissue. Put your head around that for a minute and you can easily see Anadrol is one powerful drug.

With the added weight, massive increases in strength are also very common but there is one important note that must be considered. In order to gain this added weight one must eat enough; a diet below caloric maintenance is not going to produce this massive gain with Anadrol alone. That said, many individuals find their appetites to be a bit suppressed when using Anadrol some do not but it can be a side-effect and an annoying one.

Beyond possible appetite suppression Anadrol is not without negative side-effects. As discussed it can cause some serious bloating and water retention but ones sensitivity to the drug will greatly affect this, as will ones diet. A sound diet can eliminate much of the water retention, as can using a good aromatase inhibitor while using Anadrol Using a good aromatase inhibitor goes beyond simply reducing water retention and is very important when using Anadrol as this drug can lead to symptoms of Gynecomastia or as its commonly known Gyno or Bitch Tits. Other common side-effects include high blood pressure and in lesser cases acne and insomnia. If you have high blood pressure to begin with or are sensitive you should forgo using Anadrol.

There is no question, Anadrol is a very powerful drug and one might say milligram for milligram it is more potent than Dianabol but this does not mean it is better. Side-effects from Anadrol although typically non-life threatening are very harsh and May occur. In the end you may have to try both Dianabol and Anadrol to find which one is best for you.