Pictures of Steroids

Finding top shelf pictures of steroids can save a performance enhancer from a lot of problems, and be more than worth your time. Its not groundbreaking news; performance enhancing drugs are often faked, and this will hold true with Underground (UG) forms as well as Human Grade (HG), especially HG; after all, if youre going to fake it you might as well fake the best. Even so, if you have top shelf pictures of steroids it becomes much easier to spot a counterfeit product, and this will help you protect your pocket book. No, its by no means an assured means of protection; after all, some of these counterfeiters do a fantastic job, and everything they make looks as good as gold. Nevertheless, for those who are patient and take their time, there are often signs even if small that will be dead giveaways. This does bring up an important note before we go any further; yes, pictures of steroids can help, but knowing your supplier and his reputation will do more for you than anything else.

True Pictures of Steroids

If you perform an internet search for pictures of steroids, while this is the most common method its without question the absolute worst thing you can do; after all, how do you know theyre not counterfeit products? You dont know, you have no way of knowing; sure, they could be the real deal, but this isnt the best approach. If you want true pictures of steroids, real anabolic steroids your best course of action will always be steroid related message boards, and not just any board. You want boards that are not run or owned by suppliers or manufactures; if they have supplier and manufacturer sponsors this can at times be OK, but if you can find those that are truly independent it will be your best bet. On such high quality message boards, youll find a community of members that is very protective of the anabolic market, and the poor quality suppliers, these boards destroy them. If there is a poor quality product on the market, under-dosed, contaminated or outright counterfeit there will be pictures of steroids of this nature galore as well as a blasting of those who provide them.

Pictures of Steroids you need

There are several types of pictures of steroids; youll find pictures of pills on a counter, in a bag, or oil in a syringe; these are 100% completely useless. When it comes to injectable steroids, if its a picture of oil in a syringe how do you know what it is? You dont, it could be a picture of vegetable oil as far as you know; you need the amps and vials; you need the point of origin. Then we have steroid tablets, and a pile of pills doesnt tell us very much. The container or box such pills come in can be very useful, but whats more useful is a close up shot of the tablet. Most steroid tablets are specifically shaped and marked with etches or numbers and letters just like any tablet on earth; you need to be able to see these markings. In any case, with pictures of steroids as weve described above, this will save you a lot of heartache if you learn how to properly examine them, but again we cannot stress enough the importance of message boards in this regard.