Natural Steroids

When it comes to anabolic steroidal supplementation, most people are not only scared, theyre downright petrified; by the manner in-which the perception has been twisted, as far as most are concerned anabolic steroids might as well be the number one tool of al-Qaeda. Of course, theres an easy way to fix this fear; slap the word natural on anything and its immediately deemed more than fine; look at it like you would the word organic. If you slap the words natural or organic on anything, you could almost slap them on literal crap and people would buy it and feel good about it, and if you could give them natural steroids theyd sing your praise. Natural steroids, thats a pretty ridiculous sounding idea, right; its not as ridiculous as you might think; in-fact, youre full of natural steroids whether you like it or not. OK, fine, youre only interested in anabolic steroids, and theres nothing natural about that, right; again, dont be so sure about that.

Living, Breathing, Walking, Talking Natural Steroids

When it comes to anabolic androgenic steroids, the father of all anabolic steroids is Testosterone; the primary androgen you produce whether you like it or not. Testosterone is essential to our well-being, without it, we cannot function properly, and when it comes to testosterone produced naturally or provided exogenously there is largely no difference. When you administer Testosterone to the body, and there are numerous ways, the body doesnt say this is exogenous testosterone I reject it. Once in the body, the human body will make no distinguishing difference of any note, and the hormone will work identically to what is naturally produced. Of course, Testosterone isnt the only steroid you naturally produce; many anabolic steroids are based on the potent naturally produced androgen Dihydrotestosterone; you even produce Nandrolone to a degree; the list goes on and on.


We need to clarify an important point; yes, you naturally produce steroidal hormones, but we cannot actually call anabolic androgenic steroidsnatural steroids; weve only loosely implied that to get to a point. We cannot specifically call anabolic steroids natural steroids because they are synthetically made, and anything that is synthetic is obviously not natural. Even so, we have used this terminology, and our explanation above to show you these are not foreign substances to the body; they may be synthetic in existence, but they are natural to the bodys existence; make sense?

It must also be clarified; although they are not foreign substances, this does not mean applying them in exogenous fashion is not without risk; of course there are risks. When we supplement with anabolic androgenic steroids, regardless of the purpose of use the idea is to increase the amounts of these hormones beyond what we can naturally produce. For example, a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patient undergoes HRT therapy because he or she is lacking a certain hormone; the body no longer produces enough to meet its needs and we must increase the amounts through synthetic means. Then theres performance enhancement, and the idea here is to simply provide more than what the human body can produce naturally so that there is more hormone to provide the specific traits of the specific hormone. In the case of HRT, it is rare for an individual to run into problems; after all, were merely replacing what were now lacking; however, performance methods can change things. Most healthy adult men can tolerate anabolic steroidal supplementation quite well, they can normally tolerate doses above and beyond what can be naturally obtained, but there is a cutoff point. When doses go too high, this is where most men find themselves in trouble, but with responsible supplementation, most healthy adult men will be more than fine.

The Natural Steroids Label

There are numerous over the counter (OTC) supplements that carry the natural steroids label, too many to list, and most of the time, such products are worth as much as the natural, organic crap mentioned above. If you find ten products displaying the natural steroids label, more than likely nine of them will be worthless, but this doesnt mean there are not some valuable supplements that carry such a label. While even with valuable supplements of this nature, while the label may be a little misleading it can still be a decent supplement. There are OTC supplements that are not anabolic steroids, but once ingested create a steroidal like reaction inside the body, and there are a few of these OTC supplements that do an excellent job in this regard.

A prime example of a quality OTC supplement that could be viewed as natural steroids would be Testerone; in-fact, of all OTC supplements that could be classified as natural steroids this will be the king. Testerone is a 100% all natural supplement, and by its nature, it will work with your bodys own androgen system and increase your natural testosterone production. Numerous studies have shown, Testerone has the ability to increase natural testosterone in men by as much as 50%, and that is nothing to scoff at. When you consider this OTC supplement is 100% legal, its hard to get any better than that; in-fact, if someone tells you theres a better OTC supplement or magical, natural steroids that are more powerful theyre probably lying to your face.