Muscle Building Steroids

There are numerous steroids found in nature, hundreds and far too many to list, but if youre like most, more than likely youre only interested in muscle building steroids. Of course, many people assume all steroids are muscle building steroids; have you ever heard of someone receiving a corticosteroid shot, and then asking if theyre going to gain any anabolic advantage from it? If youre familiar with anabolic androgenic steroids, then youd probably find such a question ridiculous, but rest assured, most people havent a clue that theres a difference. Rest assured, there are massive differences; while there are numerous steroids found in nature the vast majority of them wont do a thing when it comes to building muscle; in-fact, corticosteroids will have a tissue wasting effect. When it comes to muscle building steroids, only those of an anabolic androgenic nature will be worth our time, and of course, even in this category there are numerous variations. Through our discussion, we want to look at some of these steroids; we want to discover which ones will have the greatest effect, and ultimately lead you to your goals of muscular development.

High Quality

There are numerous anabolic androgenic steroidal forms, but of the numerous forms only specific ones will truly promote tissue growth. Of these forms, there are five specific steroidal hormones that we can label as the best muscle building steroids of all, true high quality, and within these five, we can often find several variations. It should be noted; while these are the five primary there are several other anabolic androgenic steroids that can promote significant growth; these five simply represent the most efficient in this regard. The five primary, high quality muscle building steroids include:

Within these five muscle building steroids, as eluded to there are several variations when it comes to the Nandrolone, Testosterone and Trenbolone forms; Methandrostenolone and Oxymetholone will only be found in one form. In any case, the common forms of each you will find include:

  • Methandrostenolone
    - Dianabol

  • Nandrolone
    - Nandrolone-Decanoate (Deca-Durabolin)
    - Nandrolone-Phenlypropionate (Durabolin/NPP)

  • Oxymetholone
    - Anadrol

  • Testosterone
    - Testosterone-Cypionate
    - Testosterone-Enanthate
    - Testosterone-Propionate
    - Testosterone-Suspension
    - Sustanon-250
    - Omnadren

  • Trenbolone
    - Trenbolone-Acetate (Fina)
    - Trenbolone-Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Parabolan)
    - Trenbolone-Enanthate

If youre looking to add mass, true, high quality mass these will be your primary anabolic steroids of choice; in-fact, you wont find any better. Absolutely, there are anabolic steroids other than these five forms that can be included in a stack beyond these forms, and such steroids will work in synergy with the primary muscle building steroids, but such additions are not always necessary. Further, while such additions can enhance a total plan, alone they will not compare to the ones listed above, and for the individual desiring significant growth this means the above are the only ones that truly make sense.

A Poor Choice

While there are several steroids that can be added to a conjoined stack with our primary muscle building steroids, there are specific steroidal forms that will do extremely little to promote this end. This does not mean such anabolic androgenic steroids are useless, far from of it; some of these steroids are quite powerful and serve a multitude of purposes, but true mass promotion simply isnt one of them. Such forms include:

- Proviron

  • 4chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
    - Turinabol

  • Stanozolol
    - Winstrol
    - Winstrol Depot

None of the above can be deemed muscle building steroids, but before we go any further we must make a note in-regard to Primobolan. Oral Primo made our low mass list on the basis of its administration form; the injectable Primobolan Depot can be useful in a mass plan, but the oral version lacks the C17-aa nature necessary for most oral steroids and will be found quite lacking. Beyond this, the vast majority of men will find such steroids to be useless when gaining mass; this isnt to say no lean tissue will be gained, but it wont be much and it will take massive amounts of most of these steroids to see any true growth making them inefficient choices for this purpose.

True Success

If youre going to make the most of your muscle building steroids, theres something tremendously important you need to understand; these hormonal compounds are not magical. Each and every one of the primary muscle building steroids listed above can actually be used in a cutting cycle and successfully so; what does this tell us? If youre going to grow, you must eat, and if youre burning more calories than you consume youre not going to grow. This doesnt mean we eat with reckless abandonment, thats a recipe for unwanted fat-gain; youre still going to gain some fat when trying to gain size, but the idea is to minimize it. In any case, with the muscle building steroids listed above, youll be able to promote true growth with less fat accumulation and significant growth to boot, and that is a recipe for success