Mexican Steroids

For many performance enhancing athletes, Mexican steroids are highly desired, and its often for a reason that holds very little truth. The idea is pretty basic; its easier to get your hands on Mexican steroids than other forms, and while that was true at one time those days have long since passed. This isnt to say Mexican steroids are hard to get, theyre not at all, but the anabolic steroid market has grown so massive you can get anabolic steroids from anywhere you like. Of course, at one time for those in the west this was the primary option, and as that was the state it would see the rise of some of the most well-known brands of all time such as Brovel, Denkall, Quality Vet, Tornel and Ttokkyo Labs. Not only were these huge Mexican lines, these were some of the biggest to have ever existed in the world of anabolic steroids in any market; Mexican or otherwise.

As pressure from the U.S. has mounted in recent years, as the U.S. has waged its most idiotic war of all time the south of the border market has taken a massive hit, and in the wake of the disaster has seen the European steroid market explode. Make no mistake, Mexican steroids are still there and in large supply, but they do not dominate the market place as they once did. While some in the U.S. still use them, many suppliers of Mexican steroids wont ship to the U.S. anymore due to the insane laws that very few countries in the world have other than the U.S.. If you want Mexican steroids, your best bet is to go to Mexico and use all you want; you can walk right into the store and buy whatever you want no questions asked.

While the European market is the dominating force, this actually presents an advantage to a weakened yet recoverable Mexican market. U.S. law enforcement has in very recent years shifted most of its focus on collapsing dealers on the home front, and with any luck leading them to somehow snag the giants overseas. No, technically they shouldnt be allowed to do this, but this is a war that has been propagated under massive deception like no other, and on that basis, theyll do whatever they want. Even so, while it puts pressure on some in the European market, many of those are dug in so deep U.S. steroid freedom fighters will never catch them; they cant because this is a market they dont understand, and if they did or acknowledged they did it would destroy what little justification they hold to. At any rate, this takes some pressure off the Mexican market and allows Mexican steroids to slowly find their way back into the market; will it be as it once was? Its unlikely; the European market has grown so massive the resources in Mexico to overtake it simply arent there, but nevertheless Mexican steroids hold a special place in our hearts. For many performance enhancers, Mexican steroids represent what opened their eyes to performance enhancement; especially if you were supplementing in the 1990s and early 2000s. Further, while theres really nothing special about Mexican steroids compared to steroids from across the pond, the idea represents a time when performance enhancement was a pursuit anyone could afford; happier times indeed.