Low Testosterone

Low testosterone , its no joking matter; in-fact, its a tremendously unhealthy condition and one that affects millions of men in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, most men who suffer from low testosterone are unaware of the problem, and when we understand how it creeps in and the symptoms it can provide this will begin to make sense. Even so, despite this fact it is estimated that only about 10% of those who suffer from low testosterone in the U.S. actually do something about it, and this is a shame for there is no need to suffer. There is no direct cure for low testosterone, but there is a remedy and it will work every single time. With this in mind, lets take a look at low testosterone; what causes it, what to look for, and of course, what you can do about it when it occurs; at some point in your life it will probably occur.

Cause & Effect

There are a few things that can cause low testosterone, such as testicular injury, pituitary deficiency or due to severe steroidal abuse, but of all factors age itself will be primary. As we age, our natural testosterone levels decline; it is inevitable and it will occur in every man but the rate of decline can vary from one to the next. Most men will experience a decline in their 30s, but in most cases, it wont be sharp enough to cause a concern; once we reach the age of 40 and beyond this is when things can begin to dramatically change. Its important to understand, how you live, your overall lifestyle can have an effect on how dramatically your levels drop as well as how soon. If youre overweight, you carry a greater risk; if you do not exercise you carry a greater risk, and if youre a heavy drinker, overweight or not you carry a massive risk. Of course, youll find many physicians do not like recognizing these factors; some will even say all men have their testosterone levels peak in their late 30s; this is not only a lie but downright idiotic. Such statements are made due to what must be done to remedy the situation, and it is a fear many physicians have and cant get around; some of its personal but well save that argument for another day.

At any rate, in many cases low testosterone will just occur; you may live a very healthy lifestyle, youre not overweight and you dont drink, but it occurs nonetheless. Its an unfortunate side-effect of growing older, and its one that can tremendously hamper your quality of life. Some like to say low testosterone should not be treated due to it being a natural part of the aging process; here we see such statements due to the fear mentioned above. Weaker bones can be a part of aging, hearing loss, cholesterol issues, arthritis and so on; the list is endless, but you wouldnt ignore those, youd do something about it. When it comes to low testosterone, there is no difference, and there is no logical reason to suffer.

The Signs

Low testosterone is normally a condition that creeps in very slow; it is not all that common for severe low testosterone to occur overnight. As our levels fall, they will normally do so at a gradual rate year after year, and because the decrease can be so small you continually become accustomed to the low levels. Of course, it wont take too long before you have some serious problems, but as lethargy is one of the primary symptoms of low testosterone its not surprising very few of you will do anything about it; instead, youll live a life that is well short of what it could be. It must be noted; while low testosterone will normally creep in, severe steroid abuse can cause it to occur rapidly and at any age; however, in many cases, its not the use of anabolic steroids thats the problem. Many steroid users are quite fond of supplementing with the peptide hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG); for years message boards have touted its on-cycle use, but there is perhaps nothing more damaging to natural testosterone production in a long term sense than long term hCG use.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can discuss the actual signs of low testosterone, and there are quite a few. Low testosterone can affect nearly every aspect of your life, from your physical appearance and well-being, your sexual activity and even your general disposition and mental abilities; it is truly no joking matter. Even so, while the symptoms will not be life-threatening, if low testosterone is ignored it can lead to many far more serious conditions; some of which are indeed life-threatening. If you display any of the symptoms below, you are encouraged to seek out treatment; in most cases, if you display one of the sexually related and one more from the list the odds are strong you suffer from low testosterone. If you suffer from numerous symptoms we can generally guarantee it, but youll need your levels checked to make it official and receive the treatment you need. Below we have listed the symptoms as well as what can occur in a long-terms sense if your low testosterone condition is ignored:

Decline or Total Loss of Libido the most common symptom and can vary in effect

Depression many studies have shown low testosterone may be the leading cause of depression in men

Erectile Dysfunction can refer to the inability to maintain an erection or total inability to obtain a fairly common symptom with the inability to maintain being the most common

Increased Body-Fat often despite healthy diet and exercise habits youll find it is also tremendously difficult to lose body-fat; in-fact, often its impossible

Insomnia when your hormone levels are not in a proper range, some of the most basic factors of life suffer hormones are essential to our well-being in numerous ways

Lethargy or Lack of Will testosterone is largely what makes men, men, and without it they often lose their drive and zest for life studies have shown those who suffer from low testosterone are less likely to take any risk in business or life, theyre less apt to start a business venture or to take the time to do anything that will better their lives they merely exist

Loss of Concentration you simply have a difficult time concentrating on basic task and this can be in part due to a lack of energy and of course, due to testosterone affecting nearly all parts of our body

Loss of Energy testosterone is largely responsible for a large portion of the healing and rejuvenating our body goes under when we rest of course, now you dont have enough to perform this task and if youre suffering from insomnia it will be even worse

Loss of Muscle Mass often despite proper diet and exercise habits youll find building new lean tissue to be impossible if the testosterone that was there to build the tissue is now absent the tissue cannot be maintained with less hormone

Loss of Strength often despite proper diet and exercise habits youll find increasing strength to be impossible if the testosterone that was there to build the strength is now absent the strength cannot be maintained with less hormone

If low testosterone is ignored for an extended period of time, the risk of the following occurring increases tremendously:

Aches & Pains in the Muscle Tissue, Constant Soreness Despite any Activity

  • Alzheimers Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Hair-Loss
  • High Cholesterol
  • Infertility
  • Loss of Memory
  • Osteoporosis
  • Polyuria

The Remedy

There is one and only one absolute remedy for low testosterone, and while some may try to tell you differently the truth is always the truth. If you suffer from low testosterone, you are deficient in the hormone; your body is no longer producing enough; what does this tell you? If youre dehydrated, what do you need; do you need a piece of pizza, do you need a vitamin or a diuretic? Of course not, if youre dehydrated you need water, and if you suffer from low testosterone you need testosterone. If you are to remedy your low testosterone condition you will need some form of exogenous testosterone therapy; patches, creams and implant pellets are all available, but injectable testosterone will remain the only 100% effective form of treatment. Some physicians will also offer testosterone stimulating plans through the use of SERMs or AIs, but these are largely inefficient and only drag on the inevitable need for direct therapy.