Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low testosterone; in the United States alone it is estimated that more than 5-million men suffer, and another 25-million suffer from Andropause; Andropause being a total androgen deficiency issue that includes low testosterone. In either case, there are low testosterone symptoms that are very easy to spot, and while there are many, in most cases, if you suffer from one of the sexually related and perhaps one more the odds are strong your levels are low. With this in mind, we want to take a look at the low testosterone symptoms so that you can easily spot the condition should it occur, and in doing so, you'll be able to remedy the situation should the need arise. Further, well explain why this problem needs your full attention should you find you suffer, and what can happen if you choose to ignore it. Of course, last but not least well tell you exactly what you need to do should you find low testosterone symptoms become an issue.

The Essential Hormone

The human body produces numerous hormones, and some are far more essential than others. Of the essential hormones, testosterone is one of the most important of all; in-fact, it touches and affects nearly every area or our life and general well-being. As it is so important, if our levels become too low, if they fall below an adequate range each and every one of these areas can be negatively affected; youll see the specifics once we get to the direct low testosterone symptoms. At any rate, the testosterone hormone is one that affects our sexual well-being and function; it has a direct correlation with our physical health and function; especially regarding our physiques appearance and overall functionality. While these factors alone make the primary androgen tremendously important, testosterone also affects our mental capabilities and plays a role in regulating our general disposition; needless to say, when our levels fall each and every one of these areas can falter.

Cause & Effect

If you suffer from any of the low testosterone symptoms, such a condition can result from a pituitary deficiency or some type of testicular injury; severe anabolic steroid abuse can also play a factor, but it will need to be truly severe in most cases to truly cause a problem. While these can be factors, most men who suffer from low testosterone symptoms do so for one simple reason; age. We all produce testosterone, but as we age our levels naturally decline. The rate of such a decline will vary from one man to the next, just as how much testosterone he produces in the first place, but there are factors that can contribute to a faster decline. Men who carry excess body-fat are at a greater risk, as are those who do not exercise or follow a healthy diet; even if you happen to be at a suitable body-fat yet fail to exercise or eat properly youre at a greater risk. While these can all be contributing factors, even if you have a healthy body-fat, exercise regularly and eat an extremely healthy diet you may find your levels fall faster than the man next to you; unfortunately, it is impossible to predict. With this in mind, this tells us age is the biggest factor, and for most men, once they reach the age of 40 their levels will begin to dramatically decline, and at the age of 50 it will be even faster. Even so, more men than you might think begin to suffer in their 30s; the risk is lower during this time of your life, but there is still a chance thats significant to note.

Primary Low Testosterone Symptoms

If you suffer from low testosterone, you will find there are eleven primary low testosterone symptoms, and while you may not initially display them all, if left ignored the problem will continue to grow in excess. Every area for which the hormone is responsible for can be affected, with sexual function and direct physique related issues normally being the first to falter; however, this is not set in stone. With this in mind, lets get right to it; the primary low testosterone symptoms include:

Suppressed Libido can refer to a decline or a total loss in either case, your desire for sexual activity will be tremendously diminished can occur with or without erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can refer to the inability to maintain or obtain an erection can occur with or without a loss or decline in libido

Loss of Muscle Mass can occur despite proper diet and exercise habits without the testosterone that was once present to maintain the muscle mass you had, such mass will deteriorate you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to build more lean tissue if your levels are low

Loss of Strength can occur despite proper diet and exercise habits without the testosterone that was once present to maintain the strength you had, such strength will decline you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to increase strength if your levels are low

Increased Body-Fat can occur despite proper diet and exercise habits testosterone plays a massive role on our overall metabolic rate, and with declining levels our natural metabolic rate slows down you will find it very difficult to lose excess body-fat if you suffer from low levels

Loss of Energy can occur despite proper diet and exercise habits as well as rest testosterone plays a key role in our overall recovery process, and although our levels peak in the morning after we have had a full nights sleep, despite this rest they will not peak at an adequate level and as a result your body must work harder to promote recovery resulting in a loss of energy

Lethargy testosterone is a hormone that provides a lot of our zest and zeal for life as energy levels decline so will this zest and zeal several studies have also shown that men who suffer from low testosterone are less likely to take risks, they are less likely to work as hard, to be entrepreneurs, or do anything that requires extra effort

Loss of Concentration a loss of energy can play a massive role testosterone plays a massive role on our brains functionality, and when levels are low our ability to focus and concentrate is downgraded

Depression see all of the above studies have shown men who suffer from low testosterone symptoms are four times as likely to suffer from clinical depression despite no such condition before this increased rate of depression can increase by more than 200% in elderly men

Insomnia when our hormonal levels are out of range, many of our natural functions simply falter

Weakened Immune System see all of the above

As you can see, low testosterone symptoms are no joking matter as they can severely diminish your overall quality of life, and while they are not directly life-threatening it can be a gateway condition. Men who suffer from low levels and ignore the condition are far more likely to suffer from diabetes, osteoporosis and even Alzheimers disease. In any case, there is absolutely no reason to ever let your condition get this far out of hand; not when a remedy is so easily available, and there is a remedy that will work each and every time.

The Remedy & Solution

If you suffer from any of the low testosterone symptoms above, you are strongly encouraged to see your doctor, and if one is available, a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) clinic. HRT clinics should always be your first choice, as they deal strictly with such related conditions, and will do a much better job in providing you a remedy. In either case, once you schedule an appointment blood work will be done and your condition will be made official one way or another; as we said, if you suffer from one of the sexually related symptoms and one more from the list, we can almost guarantee your levels are low. If they are, you will find there are several options, but they are by no means all equal; in-fact, there is only one that is assured to work.

In-order to treat your low testosterone symptoms, some physicians will prescribe Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) or Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) for this purpose, and while SERMs and AIs can work they are often not enough. If you are going to truly treat your condition, the only thing that is guaranteed to work is direct testosterone therapy; specifically, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). It should not be too hard to see why this is the answer; your testosterone levels are low, you need testosterone and what better to provide the testosterone you need than testosterone; its a no brainer. Even so, some physicians are petrified of direct TRT plans due to what this entails; direct TRT means the use of the primary anabolic androgenic steroid testosterone. This is why an HRT clinic can be the way to go; physicians at such clinics are actually educated on anabolic hormones to a greater degree than most general practitioners; in-fact, most general practitioners will know about as much as you do about testosterone, and thats not an exaggeration.