Human Growth Hormone Steroid

The Human Growth Hormone steroid, you want it, youve heard of its almost magical like powers, but youre not exactly sure how to use it in a way that will maximize your desires. If this sounds familiar, do not let your heart fret when it comes to use, but we also have some devastating information we must share; when it comes to the Human Growth Hormone steroid, youre never going to find it because there is no such thing as a Human Growth Hormone steroid. Oh we can hear it now, some of you who have a little bit of hormonal knowledge well say were splitting hairs, but we assure you we are not; we also assure you, your hormonal knowledge and understanding isnt as in-depth as you might think. In any case, this little phrase that is used actually refers to two distinct things; in one case a specific hormone, and in the other an extremely generalized classification of a large group of hormones that is completely separate from the other; lets dive in.

Human Growth Hormone Steroid No Such Thing

Whats wrong with the phrase Human Growth Hormone Steroid, and further, why doesnt it exist? Human Growth Hormone or HGH refers to a naturally produced protein based peptide hormone all human beings produce; in its synthetic form, HGH is known as Somatropin. Then we have steroids, and there are hundreds of various steroidal hormones found in nature in both plant and animal life, and we even produce quite a few naturally ourselves; testosterone and estrogen being the most well-known. Of course, when most think of steroids, theyre referring to anabolic androgenic steroids; steroidal hormones that are anabolic (promote muscle building) and androgenic (promote the male sexual characteristics). These hormones can be produced naturally or synthetically, and unlike HGH which is protein based, anabolic androgenic steroids are fat based; this alone makes Human Growth Hormone steroid an inaccurate depiction.

While the origins of these two groupings of hormones are distinct as is their nature of being protein or fat based they do share one thing in common in that they are both anabolic. Some will say this is enough to justify the phrase Human Growth Hormone Steroid, but ask yourself this question; would you call food an anabolic steroid? Of course you wouldnt, but there is nothing on earth more anabolic than food and if youre going to label HGH as a steroid you might as well do the same for your chicken, cereal and any other editable substance you find at the grocery store. Nevertheless, some will continue to use this phrase; some will do so out of ignorance, but in most cases, it is used for an entirely different reason as well see below.

The Human Growth Hormone Steroid Agenda

When it comes to anabolic hormones, when such discussions enter the playing field you are entering into a realm that is steeped in emotion and often blind hate built on hysteria. Those who are of a strong anti-performance agenda will commonly use phrases like Human Growth Hormone steroid and any other phrase that will lump all performance enhancing items together. Its been done with steroids for decades; there are numerous anabolic androgenic steroids on the market, and they are by no means identical. Many of these steroids are quite different from one another carrying their own specific traits and natures, but those of a strong anti-performance agenda will always lump them together. Look at the movies youve seen that depict the athlete using steroids; sometimes theyll actually have a bottle that says Steroids but in real life this is impossible. This would be like buying a car and it actually saying Car on it, or if all your groceries were labeled Food or all over the counter medications were labeled nothing but Medicine. At any rate, when it comes to HGH and anabolic steroids, while the benefits of steroids are often underplayed and the possible side-effects largely overstated; in-fact, theyre often implied as assured; when it comes to HGH we have one of the most side-effect friendly anabolic hormones of all. Human Growth Hormone steroid; this little phrase makes as much sense as saying what goes up must come potato.