Horse Steroids

Weve all heard the term horse steroids before, but while weve probably heard the term many people probably have no idea what this means. In truth, the term horse steroids is more or less of a generic statement that is sometimes used to label veterinarian grade anabolic androgenic steroids, and this could include steroids used in horses as well as other animals. Even so, if there are any actual, true blue horse steroids, Equipoise (Boldenone-Undecylenate) would be the only one that actually fits this label, and it shouldnt be too hard to see why. The very name Equipoise implies the word Equestrian which refers to competitive horse riding and racing. In any case, the very reason Equipoise was developed was for this purpose, making it the one true blue steroid that could hold to this label; of course, as youre probably aware many more human being supplement with Equipoise than horses.

Vet Grade

There are three primary anabolic androgenic steroids that meet the vet grade classification; Trenbolone, Stanozolol and of course, Equipoise. All three are sometimes referred to as horse steroids due to their use in the veterinarian world, and of the three, only Stanozolol commonly sold under the trade name Winstrol is found in human grade form. Regardless of the grade of Winstrol, vet grade, human grade or if its manufactured by an underground lab it is the same hormone; its point of origin is the only thing that determines its official label. Then we have Equipoise and Trenbolone; neither steroid is manufactured by a human grade label; however, almost every underground lab manufactures both horse steroids and in either case, vet or underground it is the same hormone. An interesting note; while the various Trenbolone hormones are often labeled as horse steroids, the original intent of the Trenbolone hormone was for the purpose of beefing up cattle; it had nothing to do with horses.

Human Use

The three primary horse steroids also represent three of the most beneficial anabolic steroids for the purpose of human performance enhancement; in-fact, they are three of the most commonly used anabolic steroids. Of the three, Trenbolone represents the most powerful, and in the eyes of many performance enhancing athletes the single greatest anabolic steroid of all time; we tend to agree. There is no anabolic steroid on earth that carries the ability to provide such powerful benefits in a true versatile nature like Trenbolone; bulking, cutting and promoting strength this steroid can do it all.

Then theres Equipoise, the horse steroids or all horse steroids, and while nowhere near as powerful as Trenbolone it is still a worthwhile steroid, to say the least. A moderate bulking agent, due to its low level of aromatase the gains it can provide will be very clean; further, the off-season gains that can be obtained can be quite tremendous when it is coupled with other steroids. While a suitable bulking agent, it is its recovery, preservation and conditioning traits that are of the most important note; making it an excellent steroid for cutting or overall athletic enhancement.

Then were left with Winstrol, and if there was ever a cutting steroid this one fits the bill perfectly; in-fact, that will be its primary purpose. Great for conditioning, preservation and recovery, those who supplement with Winstrol will find their physique harder and more defined. Further, by these traits it can also be an excellent steroid for athletic enhancement, and while more will use it for cutting it is athletic enhancement that has made this steroid famous. While it cannot increase strength at the rate of Trenbolone, Winstrol is an excellent strength increaser and far friendlier to cardiovascular condition. If you doubt its fame in this regard, recall what gave it worldwide attention; the 1988 summer Olympics when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson destroyed the competition, but tested positive for the substance. These are your horse steroids, and while the term is used quite loosely you should now have an understanding.