High Testosterone

High testosterone , while it is possible to naturally obtain it is extremely unlikely, but there are a few individuals who will have naturally high levels. Specifically, naturally occurring high testosterone refers to Hypergonadsim where the gonads work at an extremely high and rapid rate of function; in many ways, Hypergonadism is the opposite of Hypogonadism or low testosterone. With that in mind, in many ways everything that can be said of low testosterone can be said of high testosterone; however, its simply said in the opposite direction. For example, low testosterone will result in libido issue and a faltering physique; further, its a condition no man will desire, but as for high testosterone the opposite will occur and just about any man will desire it. With all of this in mind, lets take a look at high testosterone; what defines it and of course, what it can do for you.

High Levels

As most things in life, testosterone levels can be measured, and as is also the case with most things in life this measurement will vary from one person to the next. In the United States, the accepted average reading normally falls in the 400-650ng/dl range; age will be the biggest factor in-regards to where your levels fall. Most physicians will consider a total testosterone reading below 300ng/dl to be low; however, many will want it to be significantly below this mark to warrant therapy. As for high testosterone, a total reading above 800ng/dl is considered high in most medical circles, and it is definitely high, but such high testosterone levels will rarely be found naturally. Theres always that one genetically blessed individual who produces certain anabolic hormones naturally in mass amount, but for most men, producing anything over 700ng/dl much less 800ng/dl is extremely rare. For most men, to get anywhere close to such levels its going to require exogenous testosterone supplementation, and yes, such supplementation can be quite beneficial.

The Benefits

The benefits of high testosterone can be tremendous, and while it will normally require exogenous supplementation even though there are risks to such supplementation they can normally be controlled in healthy adult men who supplement in a responsible fashion. When it comes to testosterone supplementation, there are really only two primary reasons; to treat a low level condition or to enhance performance. For the low level individual, the benefits are fairly obvious; you no longer have enough testosterone to function properly, and through supplementation you provide enough to meet the bodys needs; fairly straightforward. While therapeutic use is most certainly beneficial, its not going to produce high testosterone levels; granted, your performance will be enhanced from a low level condition, but you still wont have high testosterone levels.

Then we have performance based supplementation, and this is where well see true high levels benefits. In this case, high testosterone levels can provide nearly every benefit a performance enhancer could ever be after; such benefits include:

Increased Muscle Mass

Increased Strength

Decreased Body-Fat

Increased Rate of Recovery

Enhanced Metabolism

Increased Muscular Endurance

Increased Energy

Enhanced Overall Physical Conditioning

While those are some fairly basic benefits, its hard to deny high testosterone levels are not truly desirable; theres hardly a man on earth who wouldnt enjoy such benefits. Of course, how you live will largely determine how such benefits manifest; lets explain. If youre going to gain a significant amount of muscle mass, your total caloric intake will need to be above maintenance; even so, the good news is by the metabolic increasing traits youll be able to gain more lean mass with less body-fat accumulation. Then we have the decrease in body-fat, and if youre going to significantly decrease body-fat youll need to be in a caloric deficit; the basic rules of nutrition will always hold true. While a caloric deficit will be necessary, there is more good news; youll be able to lose more body-fat while preserving more lean tissue than you would otherwise; a truly amazing benefit to high testosterone levels.


If youre going to increase your levels through supplemental means, such practice does come with a note of caution, but caution is not fear. First and foremost, you need to be a healthy adult male; if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol, if your prostate is enlarged or you suffer any major physical ailment supplementation is probably not for you. Further, most healthy adult men can tolerate exogenous supplementation quite well, but there will always be a cutoff point; specifically, how much exogenous testosterone you can handle. Most healthy adult men can easily tolerate 4 00mg per week, while some will tolerate as much as 1,000mg per week without any side-effects; where you fall will largely be based on how well you take care of yourself and your own genetic predisposition.