Buy Steroids

Many an athlete is tempted to buy steroids and for a host of reasons; primarily because they work and no matter what any anti-steroid media outlet tells you, they work and they work very well. For decades athletes have pined for anabolic steroids but when it comes time to buy steroids this is where the water begins to get a little murky. It is true; there are possible health risk involved in anabolic steroid use; Possible not guaranteed by any means. Beyond the possible health risk the biggest risk we face when we buy steroids is the legality of the purchase.

There are many anabolic steroid users around the world; the multi-millions made per year in anabolic steroid sales is big business and it is unfortunate, most of it is illegal business at best. Year after year anti-steroid laws have become stricter and in the United States the vice-grip now placed on anabolic steroid trafficking is outrageous. With the reinforcement of the Steroid Control Act of 1990, in 2004 the United States government effectively declared war on anabolic steroids and the aftermath of the blow against those who wish to buy steroids has been felt by many

As it has been since the introduction of the Steroid Control Act of 1990, anabolic steroids are illegal to possess without a prescription in the United States. In recent years many individuals who have been caught with anabolic steroids have seen their lives shattered by issue of a Class D Felony charge; an interesting note, the amounts of steroids found in ones possession can easily evolve into the realm of Intent to Sell at the discretion of the court. This law in the U.S. should not be taken lightly and when you buy steroids you need to understand how this law works and the implications it carries. One single charge of felony anabolic steroid possession can result in prison time, even if all you wanted to do was buy steroids for personal use; the courts have increasingly begun to care less as to the intent of your anabolics

Many athletes who desire to buy steroids in the United States never do out of fear of the law and theyd be deemed wiser than many because this law has become quite serious. However, what many fail to understand is that you can buy steroids in the United States legally without fear or consequence. If you recall, the law reads, it is illegal to possess anabolic steroids without a prescription, meaning, with a prescription you can possess anabolic steroids. Yes, there is an absolute loop-hole in the law and it may not exist in due time but as of now, walking into you corner drug store to buy steroids with a prescription is no more illegal than walking in and buying Aspirin.

To get a prescription for anabolic steroids, making it legal for you to buy steroids requires a visit to your family physician, an endocrinologist or a hormone replacement clinic or rejuvenation clinic. How this works; your blood is drawn, test are run to determine things such as your testosterone and thyroid levels. If these levels are low and it is deemed you are in otherwise good health, you will receive a prescription and be on your way to the corner RX to buy steroids. In most cases, to buy steroids legally with a prescription in the United States one will need to be thirty years of age or older. This is not always the case but in general a younger individual desiring to buy steroids is going to have testosterone levels higher than what is legally accepted for obtaining a prescription.

If you wish to run a course of anabolic steroids and cannot get a prescription you can absolutely buy them on the black market; both human grade and underground steroids but understand the risk is on you and you alone. If you desire to stay in the realm of the law but are still looking for an added boost, there are a few options. There are many pro-hormones still legally available as well as quality steroid alternatives. Do a little digging and reading and youre sure to find something that fits your needs.